Must-See Video: Lynx Tackles Snowshoe Hare, Caught on Trail Cam


This lynx looks ready for the Super Bowl making tackles like this!

You know what they say: defense wins championships. And this lynx isn’t about to let anyone (or any rabbit) get past its coverage.

Trail cameras are always there to witness the most incredible moments in the woods. This trail cam was placed perfectly to catch this moment, and it’s a gem.

The sneaky lynx sniffs out the run, it’s what hares do best, they run. . .  and fast. But this lynx has seen it all before, and knows exactly how to diagnose the play. He sets up behind a line of big, thick branches where his prey can’t see him.

Just as expected, the hare comes right over the middle and attempts to run over the sly lynx, but it’s a mistake. The lynx quickly reacts, grabbing the hare out of thin air, and stopping it just before it reaches the hare’s den-zone.




Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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