Video: Bull Elk Strolls Through Town, Visits Local Shops


Just another day in Colorado, as a bull elk comes strolling into town and wanders into the local shops.

This adventurous elk had enough of the woods and wanted to hit the town. Well, while on his trip he found himself inside one of the local businesses, which is no place for an elk, especially with a rack like that!

Luckily, this guy was a sucker for an apple. A police officer was able to coax the bull out of the store, with some careful maneuvering of his huge antlers.

The bull slips one side of his rack through the door and then the next, and the crowd that gathered to see cheers the elk on, although they should probably be quiet because you don’t want to frighten an elk like that in such a confined space. Something tells me this guy could flip that store upside down in a hurry.

Luckily, the elk was satisfied with an apple and went on about his day.

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