Video: 11-Year-Old Girl Preaches Hunting to ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judges


Eva Shockey, who just recently welcomed a new hunter into the world, posted a video on her Facebook of a little girl on “America’s Got Talent,” and wrote the caption “Daughter goals.” Once you get to know this young lady, you’ll understand why.

Meet Chloe Channel, an 11-year old from Pensacola, Florida, who loves to sing and apparently, is quite the deer hunter. When asked what Chloe would do with the $1-million prize if she won, well her response is priceless:

Not only is this girl adorable, but she might just be the next big country music huntress; this girl can sing!

Check out the longer version of the video below, where Chloe confidently tells the judges she will shoot a big old buck one day. If she can hunt even half as good as she sings, there’s no doubt she’s going to bag some trophy bucks!

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