Video: Buck Caught on Camera Shedding Antlers


You have to see this incredible footage Heartland Bowhunter shared on Facebook.

It is a shed hunter’s favorite time of the year again, as bucks begin dropping their antlers, creating a real life needle in a haystack game for us shed hunting fanatics. Alright, finding sheds is a little easier than a needle in a haystack, you just have to know where to look. Fortunately for these guys, they knew exactly where to look.

While spending an evening looking over a field for deer activity, Grant Schuler and Neil Underwood witnessed a buck shed his antlers right before their very eyes. As a bonus, they got it all on camera, too; that will be the easiest pair of sheds you’ll ever find!

Watch the video below and make sure to check Heartland Bowhunter on Carbon TV to see all their incredible hunts.

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