Video: Take a Close Look at Hoyt’s New Pro Defiant Bow and Customize it with Your Favorite Colors


Eric Chesser is back with another Hush Life vlog, and in this video, we get a peek at the new Hoyt Pro Defiant compound bow and all the customization options available.

First, Eric tells us about his favorite MTN OPS products, and the new flavors they have available, so if you’ve been hitting the gym you have to check those out.

Then, Eric heads into to the MTN OPS office where he and the guys hit the range to fling some arrows.

If you haven’t seen Hoyt’s new Pro Defiant bow yet, stop what you’re doing and go look right now. The guys in this video are all particularly excited about the buckskin color option. It’s the new color option Hoyt went with for this year, and it looks amazing with all of the accent color choices.

The best part about this bow is you can customize it however you like. You get a pretty close look at a few of the color options in Eric’s video, but you’ll have to go to Hoyt’s website to see the rest.

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