Teenager Shoots and Kills Charging 545-Pound Feral Hog


Jacob Breeden, of Culpeper County in Virginia, recently shot what might be the biggest feral hog Virginia has ever seen.

When Jacob saw something tearing up his yard one Saturday, he immediately grabbed his rifle and ran outside. When he hit his front yard, he was faced with a 545-pound pig that was not happy to see Jacob either.

“I went outside, and it charged me, it was flapping its jaws together and running toward me,” he said. “I was kind of shocked to see how big it was. When he came up to me the way he did, I had no choice but to shoot him.”

Breeden said he was obviously scared for himself, but was also looking out for his young nieces and nephews inside the house. The massive beast that Jacob took down, measured 6-feet, 10-inches long from tail to snout. That’s a big old pig!

In fact, the hog was so ginormous, officials have been questioning whether it’s a feral pig or something else. According to the Culpeper Star, if genetic results confirm the beast was a feral hog, it’s the largest one of which they’ve ever seen.



Image courtesy Facebook

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