Video: Sneaky Mink Gives a Canadian Icefisherman a Hard Time


If you’re out on the ice fishing in Ontario, you have to be on the look-out for something that wants to steal all your fish away from you.

In this hilarious clip, an icefisherman does battle with a mink who’s trying to runoff with one of his fish. Mink are sneaky little creatures, and this one has fish on its brain for dinner. See how far this one goes to nab one from a group of icefishermen below:

The mink grabs a¬†fish out of the pile on the ice and the fun starts. The fisherman filming the video, chases the mink as it scoots across the ice with a mouthful of fish, all while screaming and calling it hilarious names like “scooby-doo.” Just goes to show you, don’t screw around with a mink!

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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