City officials in Ann Arbor, Michigan, revealed a plan a few months ago to sterilize between 40 and 60 female deer to help with over population numbers within the city. The nonlethal phase of this plan is now complete, and a total of 54 deer were captured and sterilized by surgically removing their ovaries.

Now, the plan takes a shift toward the lethal phase, where sharpshooters will aim to kill up to 100 male and female deer this winter. The City Council voted 9-2 in November to approve a $153,940 contract with Connecticut-based White Buffalo Inc. to carry out both phases.

According to MLive, The Michigan Department of Natural Resources approved the city’s deer sterilization plan as an experimental research program.

As for the deer that will be taken with the lethal method of this measure, the venison will be donated to Food Gatherers, a nonprofit agency in Ann Arbor, for distribution to local food pantries. Costs for the meat processing will be paid for by Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger.

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2 thoughts on “54 Deer in Michigan Sterilized by Having Ovaries Surgically Removed

  1. Seèms very cruel to me. They aren’t domestic animals. They’re just going to be weirded out. Abnormal behavior will result. Shameful. Just hunt them down to a manageable number

  2. This is just more crazy stuff from a DNR and Biology department wasting the taxpayers money. State DNR’s all over our country pull these crazy stunts.

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