Video: Gigantic Alligator Jumps into Tourist Boat


This right here is exactly why you don’t get too close to gators.

Don’t let them fool you just because they’re big and look comfortable soaking up the sun. It doesn’t mean gators won’t bolt on you, like this one.

In the video, a group of tourists is treated to an up-close look at a huge alligator while it sunbaths on a bank. The guide pushes the boat right up alongside the bank where the gator is laying, while he talks to the group and tells them a few things about gators.

If you listen to the audio, you’ll hear the guide tell everyone on the boat “don’t make any sudden movements,” and you’ll find out why when you watch the video:

We’re pretty sure everyone on the boat was checking their pants after that!

In case you didn’t pick up on it after viewing this video, gators can be deceptively quick, which is why getting close to them is never a good idea.

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