Video: Memorable Things a 9-Year-Old Says After Shooting His First Deer


I realize it’s only February 1, but I think I’ll name this my favorite hunting video of the month.

What you’re about to see is a great dad, Thomas Allen, sharing an Alabama box blind with his 9-year-old son, Tommy. Perhaps I’m a bit biased because I’ve known the family since Tommy was born, but so many things the boy says after the shot make me remember those amazing times when my two sons killed their first deer.

Thomas will agree with me: No matter how big of a buck you kill yourself, NOTHING compares to the excitement of sitting beside your own child when he or she tags their first deer.

The shot distance in this wonderful video is 95 yards, and Tommy is using a single-shot .243 Win. Both father and son are wearing hearing protection – nice! – and while it turns into a bit of a rodeo in the box blind after the 6-pointer is spotted, the boys finally get their chance.

Pay particular attention to the young hunter’s breathing when the buck begins walking broadside, when Tommy knows from pre-hunt planning with his dad that a shot is now possible. That sound is magic to my ears.

After the recovery, you just can’t help but smile when Tommy lets out a rush of emotion: “There he IS!”

And I love it when Tommy says: “I was just . . . like . . . minding my own business in the chair.”

Finally: “This 6-pointer buck comes out of nowhere for me, but it comes out of somewhere for Dad.” Classic!

As Thomas states at the end of the video, if you aren’t taking the time to share the great outdoors with your sons and daughters, you’re missing out. Big time.

Congrats, Tommy, on your first deer! And thanks, Thomas, for sharing your special deer hunt with OutdoorHub.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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