Graphic Content: This Bear Attack Might be an Extremely Graphic Scare Tactic


Warning Graphic Content:

Hunting wild animals comes with risks, especially when hunting predators such as bears. These hunters weren’t so lucky, as it appears they were on a bear hunt, except the bear ended up hunting them.

One of the men on the hunt appears to have suffered an extremely devastating injury to his face, so much so it almost seems like an anti-hunter scare tactic of some kind.

Now, we’ve seen and especially heard some crazy things to try to get hunters out of the woods, but this is next level.

The pictures of the injury are so graphic, we’re going to include the link here for you to view at your own discretion, and you can make up your own conclusions whether this is fake or real.

The images below are blurred for graphic content. See link above to see the actual photos:

Graphic Scare Tactic

Graphic Scare Tactic


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