Video: Fearless Wild Turkey Struts Her Stuff Right in Front of Hunter


Turkey season is fast approaching, and we’ve found the perfect video that ought to get you pumped to chase after some gobblers this season.

When it comes to spring, you would be hard-pressed to find anything more enjoyable than turkey hunting. Sure, winter is finally starting to release its icy cold death grip on us, but as a turkey hunter, there’s nothing more exciting than hearing that first gobble on a cool, spring morning.

In this video, a wild turkey gets up close and personal with a hunter as it walks right up to him and damn near sticks out its wing to introduce itself.

The hunter is sitting at the base of a tree, when the hen begins to approach him. Not bothered by the hunter in the slightest, the hen walks up to the hunter, inspects the weird pile of camouflage sitting on the ground and even gives the hunters shotgun a good pecking. That’s some brave bird!

With turkey hunting right around the corner, how many turkey hunters out there are hoping for a similar type of encounter come opening day?

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