Video: There’s No Such Thing as Finding Too Many Shed Antlers


It’s February and that means shed antlers are dropping all over the place.

For some people, shed hunting is just an extension of their year-round deer hunting season. If you’re new to shed hunting, or just new to hunting in general, finding sheds can be a vital part of making the next hunting season your best ever.

Get on your most comfortable pair of hiking boots, because if you really want to find some fallen bone, you have to put on the miles to do so.

If you follow his videos, you know that it’s no secret that Eric Chesser likes to collect sheds. He’s got a room in his house that’s completely full of mule deer, whitetail deer and elk sheds. Eric has so many shed antlers that he stacked all of them on top of each other to make up his Christmas tree last year.

Now, we head out on a shed hunt with Eric and some friends as they search for any dropped mule deer antlers left behind by last year’s studs.

You’ll notice in the video, Eric says he’s searching heavily in bedding areas. This is important because it’s where deer spend a majority of their time during the winter, and the most likely spot they will drop their antlers. However, like the guys in this video, you might find sheds just driving down the road. It sounds like these guys were driving through the desert like they do in those “Fast and Furious” films, and yet, they still spot a shed laying in a bush just off the side of the road. Good eyes!

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