Video: Game Warden Makes Amazing Shot to Save Two Trophy Bucks Locked Together


Two trophy bucks in Coffee County, Kansas, were locked together by their antlers until an amazing (and somewhat risky) shot saved the deer.

This clip shows what happened after Game Warden Lynn Koch and his partner discovered two bucks stuck together and decided to help. However, chasing down two irate trophy bucks is no joke. The two game wardens had to chase these deer for a mile, amazed at how well they could maneuver.

“You wouldn’t think two bucks locked together could run the way they did, but they moved at a pretty good clip,” Koch said. “Then we finally got them down, you can see in the video, in a little bit of a creek that was frozen.”

Let’s take a look at what happened next: Koch decides, due to the ice, that he cannot reach the deer, so he reaches for his firearm:

A pretty slick shot, but luck certainly comes into play here. Koch makes a 1 in a million shot and hits the antlers right where they were locked up on the first shot.

“They probably had a little bit of a headache because it rattled their heads. But for the most part, it didn’t hurt them one bit,” Koch explained.

Now, it’s great the deer were freed, but we’re just glad Koch didn’t injure either of them making a shot like that. Perhaps he had a good day at the gun range, and was feeling extra confident that day?

Image is a screenshot from the Fox 10 News video

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