There’s something about a girl who can hunt that guys simply can’t resist. You know what we’re talking about . . . the type of girl who would pick a day in a treestand over a night out on the town. The kind of girl who believes camouflage is the new black, and isn’t afraid to get dirty.

When it comes down to it, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better girl than one who can hunt. They’re strong, smart and beautiful, plus they can rock the bad ass face paint look like the women below.

Ready to fall in love gentlemen?

This is @sitkagear and it is a part of my story. #sickforit

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  • Thomas Holmes

    Awesome !+++++

  • Larry342516

    I must be dreaming. Don’t wake me up.

  • Gary E Tompkins


  • Mark Eric Freburg

    Yeah, it’s great, but they’re all wearing regular eye make-up as well. Will there ever be a time when women feel secure enough to wear no make-up, and I mean no make-up at all, and guys will still like them? Put them in camo paint then and see if guys are happy enough. It’s really not just the paint, it’s the concept that the women enjoy the outdoors and hunting that guys are digging here.

    • Dale Kerr

      Thzzzz Rite Mark,I agree 100% wemen who wear makeup and camo paint still not what I like.I think women look better without make-up period….

      • Mark Eric Freburg

        Right on, Dale.

      • Camohuntress

        I wear no make-up except to special occasions dates, wedding. I also don’t wear hunting makeup.

      • Mark Eric Freburg

        I like that. Same goes for my wife. But you guys are a tiny minority. Women are addicted to make-up. Seeing women in camo face-paint yet with fully made-up eyes is just silly.

      • zipper

        In the U.S. alone, it’s a $62 BILLION industry. Women have been brainwashed into thinking they need all that stuff.
        Now with guys it’s different. We really do “need” another gun to add to the 40 we already have. 😉

      • Mark Eric Freburg

        P.S. You look great.

    • Sheila Northrup
      • Deplorable-Shocked&Amazed


    • Tom

      You are full of donkey dung.

  • Hobomatt

    Oh goodness, a bit of color on the face and some Hoppes 9 behind her ears and I would be HERS!!

    • Tom Baldwin