Video: Underwater Bass Fishing is On Another Level


A lot of anglers spend countless hours searching for a honey-hole to catch bass, but the angler in this video takes a much more direct route.

We spend the entire time fishing above water, hoping our lure is attracting the big fish, but wouldn’t it make more sense to get down to their level? That’s what this angler on the Upper Niagara River did, and wait until you see what he caught . . .

The angler in this clip gets a little more personal with a group of smallmouth bass than we’re used to seeing. He’s right there under the water with them!

Now, he could easily reach out and grab one of those toads with his hands, but what’s the fun in that? He brought his rod and reel underwater with him, and got some great footage of a bass hitting his lure, which is maybe 2 feet away.

We all have that one fishing partner that would try something like this; any names come to mind?

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