Gander Mountain, the St. Paul, Minnesota based outdoor retailer, is reportedly preparing to file for bankruptcy.

There have been no official details confirmed as company spokesman, Jess Myers, said the company has taken a “vow of silence.”

This is yet another hit on outdoor/sporting goods retailers, as we’ve now seen Sports Authority declare for bankruptcy and close 300 stores last year, and not to mention Cabela’s being acquired by Bass Pro Shops; although that deal is reaching its own snags and may be falling apart as well.

Even though Gander Mountain has taken its “vow of silence,” there is plenty to go on that suggests hard times are afoot for the outdoor retailer. If you take a look at their website, a plethora of sales and markdowns on all regular-priced items will tell you all you need to know.

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34 thoughts on “Gander Mountain Said to be Considering Bankruptcy

      1. I remember seeing a 100 rd box of .45 there for 99 dollars… One of the sales guys, and this is years ago, heard me commenting to a friend about the price of an AR they had, and he was like well you get 3 free mags with it, and i said big deal, that was only $30 and he’s like no, they are $30 each. I laughed and said that’s why I don’t buy them here. Since then i put them on my window shopping only list. If they have a sale i’ll go in, but otherwise they simply cost too much.

      2. Yeah, had a salesman try to sell me that same load of bullshit about a 1911 that was $300 more than what I got it from my local gun range. He didn’t believe me so I pulled it up right there on my phone. Shoulda seen his face. He probably shit a brick

      3. Lol, they get a bit defensive when you show how much they gouge people. To me they are a sporting goods store for guys that live in the city and don’t know any better. They were selling Taurus 1911’s for like $150 over retail if i remember. Some of their guns were right on price wise, some were marked up stupid. I did buy a Ruger 10/22 from them on sale one time but i think that’s it. Their ammo is priced for people with too much money or who don’t know any better.

    1. Here in Columbus Ohio my local Gander Mountain price matches with shops up to 50 miles away so their prices are that big of a deal. Some even do online price matching but I don’t know if all do.

    2. My thoughts exactly. I like some of their outdoor clothes and shirts, but for most other items, I shop on-line. This is what’s hurting the walk-in stores, not a lack of interest in outdoor sporting goods. They simply charge too much.

  1. Eventually those who adopt/interpret/enforce monopoly laws will hold ALL the power. Brand exclusivity is not sustainable- why for example would Sitka agree to limit it’s own distribution channels? So who can hit the true sweet spot where operational efficiency and market presence meet? Only the MASTERS of supply chain efficiency. The perfect mix of online and brick and mortar exposure (did you see where Amazon recently opened their first Brick and mortar storefront?). Learn to forecast with ever-increasing accuracy or inventory carrying costs and the bull whip effect will send you the way of Gander. In a frictionless market Amazon would eventually be the one distributor of every product in the world except those with a specific “source locally” marketing strategy.

  2. They are building a brand new store in our town. It’s BIG. If they are struggling financially why are they out spending money on multimillion $$ buildings and expansion? Curious.

    1. I know and the store in our town continues to hire and stock up on inventory. I was just getting used to Gander Mountain over Cabellas and now they are going down??? Let’s hope it is just a reorganization. Everyone does know that Gander Mountain is part of the Holiday Gas stations in the Midwest….right? I know they are not having problems.

      1. Oh I see they owned about 28% in 2009 and I thought the article said they still owned a portion whichis why they were hurting because of low oil prices.

  3. This trend will continue in the outdoor industry now that the threat of gun bans has all but disappeared. Competition will soon become fierce. Most of the smaller companies making AR’s will evaporate soon as well. Prices will come down, and many companies will not survive. Only those with the best management of resources and best marketing, etc will still be around in a few years. Kind of a strange turn of events, looks like the industry voted itself into a slump.

  4. Don’t confuse bankruptcy with closing. Many companies file for bankruptcy and reorganize. Some like GM and Chrysler even get government bailouts! Gander is normally cheaper on used guns than the other big-box gun stores, but their upper management tends to be out of touch with its customers (for years, Gander would not sell “black” rifles or handguns with barrels less than 3″). But I think they will keep going and do fine.

    1. I think the days of bailouts are over. I’m thinking reorganize.
      What are “Black” rifles and handguns? I’ve seen 3″ barrels and less in the stores.

    2. Actually, GM got a government loan that was repaid (plus interest)! I’m not sure where you work Ross, but there’s a fairly good chance that you also benefited from that “government bailout ” by the trickle down economy effect!

  5. Gander Mountain possible bankruptcy is the result of poor leadership and management with no vision! after my 11 year old daughter spent over a hundred dollars on merchandise she asked if they would post a flyer for a free youth shooting program and was told they were not allowed by corporate management! This management is not interested in future customers! We had every local independent owned store post a flyer so the lesson I taught my daughter is support the businesses that support the kids programs! Vote with your dollars! She wont ask for Gander Mountain Gift Cards at her birthday and Christmas! We support the Local sporting good Stores! She still likes Cabella’s and Bass Pro Shops.

  6. I have 2 GM’s within 50 miles….1 quit selling outdoor items and only sells guns now and the other has started catering to the yuppies and carry mostly clothes….what fishing dept they have left now is a joke….
    It seems the larger these outdoor companies get the more they want to change their business plan and cater to someone else…

  7. If Gander had their prices anywhere close to reasonable they would have been fine. They price at the top of the food chain and don’t carry enough rare merchandise to justify that.

  8. It is no surprise to me that these big box stores are failing. It is the same with LL Bean here in Maine. Once they were a place for the serious outdoorsman to get what they needed and the products they sold were top notch for that sort of customer and at a price that was reasonable. Now they cater to the yuppie rich snobs who do day hikes and who’s idea of roughing it is 2 day at a KOA camp ground. All of these companies have lost sight of what got them where they are and WHO got them there. Crappy gimicky products that overpriced and a lot of which any serious outdoorsman would never use. No matter how they might want to get around it you can not overcome, cheat or beat the free market supply and demand system. There are to many of these giants charging outrageous prices for crap items with mediocre service. Not slamming on anyone who might work at these places, it’s just the nature of the beast. Shop local and support your neighbors.

    1. Totally agree with every point you made. Same thing happen to Sportsman’s Guide. All of the equipment I purchased back in the 80’s and early 90’s when quality meant something still serves me just fine with no issues. A lot of these newfangled and high-tech gadgets do not make you a better outdoorsman.

      1. Oh you have no idea how much I agree…… Purchased a brand name Bushnell Video Scope made in China 3 deer hunting seasons ago for $345.00. This unit has approximately 2 hours of record time total. For the hunt this year 2016/2017 the unit WILL NOT ACTIVATE. Pretty crappy as far as I’m concerned. Bushnell said this unit only has a 2 year warranty.
        So, that means I’ve got a $350.00 paperweight…… More China Garbage Sent To The Shores Of The. UNITED STATES.

  9. Some of the employee’s cop a better than you attitude in the so-called Gun Smith. they don’t do any smithing. they send it out and if you ask about turn around or anything like that they turn to another customer. Don’t need it.

  10. I use to spend between 4 to 5 thousand at the old gander mountain store per year, but after they built the big New store here 4 years ago, I have not spent $50.00 there in the last 4 years. They do not have anything, the employees don’t know the products, and they will not even wait on you. I belong to 4 different clubs and ever one laughs about that place.

  11. See ya ’round GM… Lousy stock-short on selection. Poor customer service-a bunch of nimrods with no practical experience. You ask for help and wind up following them around cuz they don’t even know if they have it or where it would be. Stupid. I can and do just look for myself. Also way too expensive, especially without a working aquarium!

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