Video: 60 Top Water Bass Strikes That Will Have You Begging for Spring


We woke up this morning with bass fishing on our brains, so we thought we’d share some top water bass strikes that will have you begging for spring.

We’ve shown you great footage of bass behavior under the water, but this video, shows 60 explosive top water bass strikes that will make any angler weak at the knees. Turn up the volume and enjoy one of the best sounds in nature: a big bass gulping down your lure as it explodes out of the water.

There’s truly no better way to start the day than with a little bass fishing action. It’s just something about the way these fish break up the calm water, as they strike a top water lure, that gets our heart rate dialed up. With spring time lurking right around the corner, it won’t be long before bass fishing is in full gear.

Did that just get you hooked? (No pun intended) Don’t worry we got your back. Below is another video of some incredible top water bass strikes. You’re welcome:




Image courtesy of the YouTube video

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