We’ve all tuned into the fishing show ‘River Monsters’ to see what Jeremy Wade is reeling in next. But in this video, Jeremy faces a “monster” he’s not dealt with before.

While pursuing salmon in the Alaskan wilderness, you have to keep your head on a swivel. You never know when you might get a 400 pound spectator who’s looking for a quick meal. That’s what happened to Jeremy and his crew in this next video.

Grizzly bears are notoriously good at fishing, they even show up Jeremy Wade for a while!

Finally, Wade hooks a salmon which draws the attention of a particularly large grizzly. The bear steals the salmon right off the end of Jeremy’s line and runs off to enjoy his “catch,” but it’s not long before it comes back looking for more.




Image courtesy Pixabay

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5 thoughts on “Video: Grizzly Bear Steals Jeremy Wade’s Salmon Right Off His Line

    1. They have every right and reason to be there, it’s called freedom. Plus it’s perfectly legal. Also normal to want the fish. The fish die after spawning so there is no way possible for the Grizzlies to eat them all. In fact they don’t eat 10% of the fish. The rest rot into the ecosystem. So no one is taking food out of the bear’s mouth. A warning shot is stupid because hey don’t really know what that is or what that means to them. However it is necessary to be able to protect oneself from being converted into bear shit. So it’s legal to have a sidearm too. With that being said 90% of the fishermen in this situation would have not fished around the bears. Back out and go fish somewhere else. Or wait until the bears leave. However they won’t go far until the salmon run is over, so watch your back or, again, go fish away from the bear area.

      1. you know nothing about salmon…or bears..these sockeye do not feed and are not edible or suitable for human consumption, but are a valuable source of protein for the bears as they prepare to den up for the winter…invading this habitat and the bears during this feeding period puts the bears in danger by disturbing their feeding patterns or of becoming aggressive in the protection of their territory and being shot . these boneheads are there not for fishing, but to film and exploit the animals for their own benefit…they care nothing for the animals…cut the crap…

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