We came across some photos of Vladimir Putin while on a fishing trip in the Republic of Tyva and Krasnoyarsk, and we couldn’t help but notice something interesting.

Putin is quite the angler, we see him making time to wet a line whenever he gets the opportunity. Here, we see him casting off a dock sporting a Sitka jacket.

Actually, it appears Sitka is Putin’s official choice of camouflage.

It’s not just the jackets either. Putin is seen a number of time dressed head to toe in Sitka gear.

We’re not sure what they’re doing on the side of this mountain, or what wifi connection they’re accessing, but again we see Putin donning the latest Sitka fashion.

When Putin tells a rock to stay put, you better believe that rock won’t budge.

After a long day of fishing and petting rocks, Putin poses one last time in his Sitka gear with the Russian wilderness in the background.

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10 thoughts on “Photos: Apparently Vladimir Putin is a Big Fan of Sitka Gear

  1. So what? Are you saying it’s cool because an obvious murderer wears that particular gear? WTF! Is this site a fan of this former KGB creep?

    1. Tom and Ivan, I’m not much of a fan of idiots with very small brains and vocabularies. Let us hope you two are not the norm for Outdoorhub enthusiasts.

      1. What are you talking about Larry? Do you have any idea? Do you admire this thug that has had many reporters killed for telling the truth? WTF again! And yeah, real idiots always resort to name calling – and you have proven it.

      2. I’m taking about people not smart enough to realize that Outdoorhub was not praising Putin, They were making fun of him because he boycotts American foods for his people but for his personal use he wears American sports gear. And I will say again to Tom and Ivan, you two are not real smart. For one thing you have proven you cannot read and comprehend what you’ve read.

        As in you ask me what I am talking about. As in you don’t know. And then you call me an idiot when you just said you don’t know what I said.

        You statement, “And yeah, real idiots always resort to name calling-and you have proven it. ” That sorta bites both ways does it not.

  2. Love it. The people of Russia love him. As for him being a former KGB agent… he’s not a thug. And a killer? Ummmm how many people are on the Clinton suicide and “unfortunate” and strange deaths list now?

    1. Are you kidding? Do you believe in fairies Lisa? The entire KGB was made up of thugs! They were the Soviet Gestapo. You are extremely misinformed if you believe such junk.

    2. Actually, Lisa, I agree with you. The Clintons have axed a lot of people who stood in their way, and yet half of the American voters voted for them. I don;t agree with murder or intimidation, but at Putin is a man who stands up for his country unlike the Clintons and Obamas we seem to get stuck with.

      1. I’m on a Putin fan page on facebook. I wanted to learn more about him and Russia and get to the truth.. not listen to the propaganda we’ve been fed. Communism is long dead there. He is a well loved leader, and has exhibited extreme patience with the crap Obama has thrown at him, and knows a lot of the garbage Trump is dealing with has been set up by the Obama/Clinton machine. I hope that Putin and Trump can meet and work together.. we are on the same page on many issues but there are those who are gonna fight against the idea of Putin being anywhere near a decent person no matter what.

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