Photos: Apparently Vladimir Putin is a Big Fan of Sitka Gear


We came across some photos of Vladimir Putin while on a fishing trip in the Republic of Tyva and Krasnoyarsk, and we couldn’t help but notice something interesting.

Putin is quite the angler, we see him making time to wet a line whenever he gets the opportunity. Here, we see him casting off a dock sporting a Sitka jacket.

Actually, it appears Sitka is Putin’s official choice of camouflage.

It’s not just the jackets either. Putin is seen a number of time dressed head to toe in Sitka gear.

We’re not sure what they’re doing on the side of this mountain, or what wifi connection they’re accessing, but again we see Putin donning the latest Sitka fashion.

When Putin tells a rock to stay put, you better believe that rock won’t budge.

After a long day of fishing and petting rocks, Putin poses one last time in his Sitka gear with the Russian wilderness in the background.

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