“Inked Huntress” Receives Hundreds of Death Threats a Day Just for Hunting


A British Columbia woman, known on social media as the inked huntress, has found herself the target of online hatred because of her passion for hunting.

Jacine Jadresko of Victoria, BC, who appeared in the fifth estate’s “The Hunter and The Hunted,” said after being on that show, she receives “200 or more death threats a day.”

“Things so vile as people telling me they’re going to kidnap my son and I and they’re gonna skin him alive and hang him from a tree.”

Jadresko says in the video below, “Hunting is not about killing for me, I have a huge respect for each species that I hunt and each animal that I harvest and they’re each very special to me.”

That’s where there seems to be a disconnect with hunters and anti hunters, who refuse to see it as “harvesting” rather than “killing.”

Her instagram account, where she dons the name “Inkedhuntress,” displays all of her trophies. In the heat of all the criticism from the anti hunters, Jadresko says the hate she receives only encourages her to hunt harder.

“The more you hate, the more I kill,” she wrote on her Instagram account.

“When I’ve successfully harvested an animal, I want to remember that and. . . you take a picture because it’s a respect to the animal, to remember that animal and remember the whole hunt and the whole day and everything.”



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