So, this real estate listing in Collinwood, Tennessee has some interesting features. . . At first glimpse, it looks like the perfect hunting land, with potential to build a dream hunting cottage on it, but flipping through the photos revealed an eerie deal breaker.

It’s a 125 acre lot with 60 acres of fenced in pasture, woods, and Indian Creek running right through it.

The fenced in pasture would be a great place to make a green field for deer to graze and feed in.

Old hunting blinds on the property are a promising sign that it holds deer. This elevated box blind looks like it’s set up in position A.

This beautiful creek runs directly through the property, providing opportunists for fishing, kayaking or canoeing.

By now, you’re probably wondering why we’re showing you this real estate listing, so we’ll cut to the chase. While flipping through these enticing photos of what looked like a dream hunting lot, we found something rather spooky. Something big!

See anything odd in this photo? It appears deer might not be the only creatures roaming this property.

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15 thoughts on “Was Bigfoot Spotted in These Real Estate Listing Photos?

    1. I think it’s supposed to be his gorilla like butt cheeks…… It’s one of the dumbest Bigfoot hoaxes ever…. Hopefully they’re just screwing around.

  1. Blond hair, black jacket & jeans [faded pockets]…if that’s Bigfoot, mystery solved.
    If you zoom, his Caucasian colored hand [and head] is readily apparent.

    1. Yes it does. You can see the pants are a different color than the shirt, Clearly see a belt, a hand and a non-hair head. Someone was walking and got in the picture. Good spot.

    1. its not a belt, its his shiny butt cheeks. do some searches for wild monkeys or apes and their butts are usually always bald because of all the sitting they do.

  2. Photo shopped for sure !!
    In one pic it is a blurry figure with a head,in other pic it is a different color(sharp black) top half from bottom half and no head.And,there is a difference in poses.

  3. Pretty sure you could….Probably….Get an extra 10-15k for the property with a Bigfoot in your back 40. Anybody have a clue what the wood planks are doing there? Ancient alien landing strip? This property could be a gold mine of hocus pocus stuff. Hmmmm….

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