This was hard to watch.

A hunter recently uploaded a video to YouTube that appeared to show him getting in the middle of a melee between his dogs and a mountain lion. We do not know if he was actually hunting the cat in question, or if it was stalking the dogs and the hunter managed to arrive at just the right time. In either event, this video shows the worst that can happen when you hunt in an area with large predators.

The uploader shared no backstory on the video, but you can clearly see the man rushing forward with a drawn pistol and shooting the mountain lion at near point blank range. Clearly, it is something that many hunters would do to save their dogs, but the video has also drawn a fair share of controversy for its raw footage.

What do you think?

Warning: video contains graphic material.

Image screenshot of video by NW_Productions Young on YouTube

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35 thoughts on “Graphic Video: Hunter Shoots Mountain Lion at Point Blank to Save Dogs

      1. “From the leed in the original story: “We do not know if he was actually hunting the cat in question, or if it was stalking the dogs and the hunter managed to arrive at just the right time.”

      1. Nice retort. Not liberal. Ex military tho so maybe write your adress I can pay a personal visit. See how liberal I am then Mr tough hunter.

  1. Hard to watch? You must not be a hunter. He was hunting that cat with his hounds. And the worst that could happen would be the hunter or his hounds getting mauled. The hunt ended like it was supposed to.

    1. Agreed. I don’t think that many of the journalist who write these actually know much about hunting or outdoor life. Fictional TV shows mock scenes with far worse blood and gore. Video games are far more graphic than this. No blood, no gore, I didn’t even see the shot. What was so hard? Or just a headline to grab attention?

      1. busyone5
        Agree completely. Why would there be controversy unless we’re talking the PETA types who search through You Tube and Facebook looking for things to be offended about. Most of those people spend their time sitting around Starbucks drinking their $5 double mocha lattes or whatever’s in with the city crowd today. They never been in the mountains, gone on a hunt when they were cold, wet, tired and exhausted.

        It would be nice if they actually got some outdoorsmen and women to write these articles.

    2. It is NOT hunting when you set a pack of dogs loose on a wild animal. That is what lazy, thrill kill seekers do to make it easy to kill an animal. No regard to fair chase, and definitely no respect for the animal they are pursuing.

      1. Come mountain lion hunting with me sometime. From the time you turn the dogs loose it is non-stop, over rough terrain, in inclement weather. Last lion I took with hounds we tracked for 17 miles before we caught to him. You’d likely pass out from exhaustion, and have no idea how to respect an animal you could never get close to.

      2. @disqus_9u1snoWiUG:disqus

        We’d love to hear how you hunt Mountain Lions. Do you run them down by yourself on foot just to make it fair?

      3. Do your silly rules make the animal feel better when it is dead. Dead is dead, what diff do your silly rules make!

  2. Just a regular Mountain Lion hunt with trained dogs, it’s not graphic, then again hunting is a way of life here in Montana. We get an abundance of Mountain Lions in the area I live in. I would’ve shot the cat too. The guy probably has a tag for it. Last fall my sons horse was killed by a Mountain Lion, attacks like that are not rare at all with them. Buried the horse with a backhoe and within 8 minutes of leaving after burying it, the cat was photographed on the same spot by a trail camera. Mountain Lions have been known for killing cattle, horses, dogs and in rare cases a fully grown person or child. Cat maulings happen every year around here. Some people just don’t have a clue about life away from cities. Just because it’s different from the way you were raised doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Some people move here to try to get away from life in bigger areas, but then try to change laws or the way people do things here. Things like this, if you don’t like it stay where you are and live that life. That would be great by most of us.

    1. Amen.

      After hiking, hunting and back country skiing in Utah, Mountain Lions are a regular hazard/challenge in the mountains. Do I love seeing them? He!! yeah! Will I let one of them kill my horse or dogs or friends or myself? No. When you live in the outdoors, you have a greater appreciation for the balance of nature.

      People who get all offended over this sort of thing really don’t have a clue. Liberals. PETA types. And really . . . people who have no understanding or influence over a way of life they don’t begin to understand.

  3. Most of the meat my family eats is venison or wild turkey. Maintaining my hunting privilege is the primary reason why I get out to vote for the best of a host of losers that regularly appears on my ballot. That said, I believe posting this sort of video to the internet only invites trouble. You are doing the anti’s work for them.

  4. I think outdoorsmen and women, folks who enjoy legally hunting and fishing, need to rethink supporting Outdoor Hub and its clearly inept writers like Daniel Xu. I have worked in the outdoor sporting goods industry for years and realize firsthand how “click-bait” publications such as this harm our industry and our livelihood.

  5. How hard would it have been to tell the story of what happened here? I went to the youtube video. I was a guided hunt, perfectly legal in every way, in MT. The hunter was a disabled hunter who made a bad shot and only wounded the cat. They searched for 20 minutes and were unable to find any blood to follow, so the guide let loose his hounds, who’d been tied. The hounds tangled with the cat who unfortunately did not climb a tree. Luckily, he got there in time before his dogs were injured and he shot the cat with a 9mm. It could have ended much, much worse. Now really, how hard could it have been to include the details of the story in this article?? And, perhaps include something along the lines of the benefits of controlling the population of apex predators? See how easy that is? And I am not a paid journalist.

    1. Excellent point, Lisa.

      Another example of either really poor work on the part of the writer or a deliberate attempt to sow discontent just to sensationalize the story.

      1. The answer to what was going on was in the comments section of the video, but shortly after it was put up. I suggested to the guide that he put his explanation in the description of the video, as his explanation may get buried and so many of the comments were nothing but rude and hateful, mostly by non hunters, and by the tree hugger types who know nothing about hunting and nothing about the true nature of cougars and how hunting them is imperative in keeping their population under control.. nor how doing so benefits other wildlife as well as humans and domestic animals. The same here… I see it happening on this site more and more and more. More anti hunters are coming to this site to spread hate and misinformation and it makes the enjoyment of being on this site less so. And then the anti hunters and anti gun folks go on facebook or wherever and get more and more of their ilk to sites like this as well as youtube.. things just snowball. Then use (or should I say “misuse”) videos like this to show how *cruel* (sarcasm) hunting is to all the other idiots out there. Writers have a duty to get the facts out there right from the get go. My opinion, anyway.

      2. The antis are nothing but negative, so “antis” is a good term fro them. In years past, before all the electronic media, the “Environmentalists” were always the city tree hugger types who had never spent a night in the true outdoors.,

        The only thing that has changed is that the Net gives everyone a much larger audience for better or for worst.

      3. I am a hunter and a researcher. I know us science types haven’t done the best at articulating research findings, but there is some solid information available, and people to contact about the true nature of cougars. Please do so before providing non-factual “facts” about the Imperativeness of population control and benefits to other wildlife. Both sides are polarizing when not sharing the true facts, which tend to fall somewhere in between the polarized views posted here. Desert Puma and Cougar: Ecology and Conservation are two very good reads. My own opinion is hunting and the act of killing can be very cruel, as I have seen first hand. As a hunter I would hope all hunters think about the life they are taking, why they are taking it, and how they go about it. I do agree that if you share a video like this, you want to make sure the details are up front. You can’t complain about folks posting comments anywhere in this social media age if you are willing to post on social media.

  6. I’ve been on many pursuits of mountain lions with hounds and I’ve been in trees with them and crawled in holes with them for research purposes. In this video, the hounds caught up with the cat on the ground (either it did not tree or jumped tree as people were approaching since there are not many good trees in that video). You can tell the mountain lion is at first trying to run away and then has to defend itself, same as if a pack of wolves had caught it on the ground. I know this will stir up all sorts of comments, but this is what can happen when hunting mountain lions with hounds. If this had been a kitten, I suspect it would not have posted. That being said, hunting with hounds should allow for a hunter to be more selective than an open hunt during the general hunting season. And yes, I am a big game hunter who promotes “fair chase”.

    1. If you read my first post.. I had gone to the original video on youtube. The cat was shot by a disabled hunter and was therefore injured. Maybe it was unable to go up a tree. No matter what.. the end result was that the guide had to kill it. You can’t allow an injured cat to go off to die a slow death. Hunting with hounds does allow for hunters to pick and choose which cats to let go.. but in this case, it had to be killed and quickly as possible.

      1. I appreciate your giving the details in your post and the expediency of the outfitter to get to the injured cat so it did not suffer from injuries.

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