6 Outdoor Themed Tattoo Ideas for the Inked Outdoorsmen


These 6 outdoor themed tattoos are awesome! If you’re looking to express your love for the outdoors with a little ink, these are perfect for you.

The detail on this eagle is outstanding! And why not show a little love for the bird that represents our great country.

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Looking to add some color? How about the beautiful colors of fall? This squirrel tattoo is really cool, especially the fall leaves!

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Alright this next tattoo might hurt. . .

Getting a tattoo on your hand can’t feel great, but the design is awesome!

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How proud are you of that big bull you shot this year?

Yeah we know the feeling, and if having that big trophy hanging on your wall isn’t enough, consider getting a tattoo of it so you can show it off any time you want!

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How about a portrait of your 4 legged hunting partner? After all, he never calls and says it’s too cold or too early, he’s always eager and ready to go hunt whenever you are.

This is a cool and creative way to remember your favorite hunting partner forever.

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This last tattoo is really impressive. The attention to detail really comes through in this design, and we see it in all this tattoo artist’s work.

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To see more of this artists work, check him out his Instagram account: marek_hali.

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