Video: Octopus Learns that Hunters Are Also the Hunted


Are you ready to witness nature in motion? What starts out as a game of cat and mouse between a crab and an octopus, ends in a way that demonstrates what makes nature so wild.

First, you see an octopus inching toward a crab. The crab, which is already on high alert, scurries away from the octopus, side-stepping across the ocean floor.

Once the crab takes a new position, the fight is back on. The octopus squares up the tiny crustacean, and then strikes.

But still too slow for the crab.

Once again, the crab escapes, but this octopus won’t back down. It pursues the crab, relentlessly attempting to snag a quick meal, but trouble is lurking.

The octopus forgets the number 1 rule of nature: the hunters are also the hunted. Before you know it, it’s all over.

Watch the video to see the surprise ending of this underwater battle:

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