Sharks are typically thought of as the top predator in the vast wide ocean, but a half-eaten shark that washed up on a Florida shore suggests something larger out there might have something to say about that.

According to WKMG, the shark was either a blacktip or a spinner shark, and Beach Safety spokeswoman Tammy Morris said it was definitely attacked by a bigger fish.

A lifeguard posted this photo of the shark on Instagram:

Could this shark be leftovers from a megalodon feeding frenzy? Or perhaps Katherine, the 14-foot great white had something to do with this. She was spotted off the coast of Florida just last month using Ocearch, a global shark tracker that keeps track of where sharks are and where they’re heading – it’s really cool!

“There’s always a bigger fish.” #blacktip #shark #notcatchandrelease #becauseitsdead #jawsjokehere

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2 thoughts on “Mystery: Half-Eaten Shark on Florida Beach Raises Speculation About What Killed It

  1. The shark died somehow, but the “bite” could have been a bunch of smaller fish feeding on the carcass…. Although it would be interesting if it were a megalodon. Doubtful.

  2. Any self respecting Tiger Shark could easily made a meal out of a Blacktip or maybe it was just tired of this upstart being in its waters !

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