Don’t worry, honey, I’ll take care of that snake for you. . . Oh (explicit!!!)

This funny clip shows what happens when A: you mess with snakes, and B: you’re not a very good shot. Before you try to pull off a stunt like this, make sure you at least hit the range first.

Folks with ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) may want to turn away from this one:

After watching this video, we decided to dig a little deeper and get some background info on sidewinder snakes. The amazing video below explains the snakes infamous sidewinding motion and how it can reach speeds up to 18 mph!

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  • Pistolero

    That’s weird. Hard to imagine that the snake understood the threat from so far away and went in for the kill.

    • Michael Meador

      It didn’t. It perceived the threat from the impact of the bullets behind it. It saw shadow, which to the snake is a safe haven, and it bolted for what it thought was a place to hide. the idiot in the video should have just not tried killing it in the first place and should have admired it from afar. There is no reason to harm snakes. I wouldn’t have shed a tear had the guy gotten what he asked for with an envenomation. Dude is too stupid to breed.

      • Frank Machnick

        I believe Michael is correct that the snake was running away from the bullet impacts and towards cover. Hilarious irony though. Snake wins.

      • TheHitman1982

        Yeah he should’ve shot it, he should of used napalm.

      • Michael Meador

        Meh, only if he’s a pansy. If you don’t give them a reason to fear you, they’re not going to attack you. There is no reason to harm them. I work with snakes of many different species every day. They aren’t evil scary monsters. They’re amazing creatures we should respect and admire. Here is a C. Horridus (Eastern Timber Rattler) I photographed in the wild. Didn’t rattle, didn’t get defensive, and posed for me for over half an hour. She went on her way, I went mine.

      • TheHitman1982

        Call me what you want I dont give a shit, I would’ve used a mini gun and then napalm. I absolute hate snakes.

      • Michael Meador

        sorry to hear that. There really isn’t any reason to. This my daughter with one of our pets…

      • BigBearCarolina


      • Ock

        I agree leave them alone. Watch from afar. They don’t prey on people. Well, mostly… Anacondas have been known to try on occasion. Also water moccasin (cottonmouth) have been known to “attack”. I have had them start after me while observing them in a Florida swamp area. But, rattlers definitely not, they want nothing to do with people. We are predators to them. Also if you kill it you eat it is the rule. Yes, rattlesnakes are yummy.

      • william smith

        Great explanation Michael and I agree with you that he should not have harmed the snake.

  • Bill Maas

    Where the he’ll is the video

  • Leo B

    Every snake on the planet is venomous. Avoid every snake on the planet. And if you expect any possibility of snakes be sure to have shot cartridges not bullets if you are going to shoot at them.

    • Michael Meador

      Where do you get that every snake on the planet is venomous? Nothing could be further from the truth.

      • Leo B

        It may be slightly off but it keeps me safe without having to try to remember that red and yellow rhyme.

      • Michael Meador

        Best thing is to avoid them. Most bites now days come from people messing with snakes or trying to kill them, or from “dead” snakes. In some states, if they can show that you were messing with the snake deliberately such as trying to kill it, insurance will not cover your anti venom treatment. CroFab is very expensive. That is why I tell people, leave the snakes alone. A single treatment of CroFab and the hospital stay associated with it can cost up to $150,000. Leave the handling of wild snakes to people like me who have the experience and know how to move them safely without harm away from people.

      • Leo B

        150k reasons why every snake on the planet is venomous right there. Lets me sensibly avoid every single one of them.

  • Boyd Timothy Babcock

    Or a shovel. My feeling is if it does not have hips it dies

    • Michael Meador

      That is how you get bit. There are some videos on youtube that show this very thing happening. I refer you to my post about the cost of antivenom and insurance not covering it if you were molesting the snake or trying to kill it.

  • william smith

    It looked like he was trying to kill the snake for no reason. I don’t like seeing any animal needlessly killed.

  • Leah D. Lichtenberg

    Why? Just why?

  • David Fisher

    I dislike killing needlessly, but I bet he wished he had used a grenade first.

  • Gatogordo

    If that is in Texas, he is breaking the law by discharging a firearm on a road.

  • Guest

    The snake was homing on the heat source.


    Whatta hick! I gonna shoot me da snack!

  • Ben

    Dude, a 410 would have definitely been a better choice, less dangerous too.