We can tell one thing for sure from watching this next video. That is, these guys are not OutdoorHub readers. How do we know? We’re glad you asked.

See, we just covered a story about a man who narrowly escaped his Cadillac Escalade when it broke through the ice and sunk to the bottom, including the ice shanty he was towing behind him. This time of year, we constantly see ice fishermen tempting fate by going out on iffy ice, and we hope videos/stories like this prevent anything bad from happening to any of our readers.

Don’t be misinterpreted, we fully understand (and share) the same love and passion for icefishing as all of you, but on days when the temperature starts creeping up the old thermometer, sometimes you have to cut your losses and just stay off the ice.

A concept lost by some. . .

Here is the video taken on Red Lake in northern Minnesota :

Don’t worry, we felt uneasy while watching that too, as you should! This is definitely one of those days you show up to the lake, turn right back around and go out to breakfast instead.

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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3 thoughts on “Video: Ice Fishermen Driving Across (Un)Frozen Lake

  1. It could be they are trying to get off the “Red Sea”. If they were way out there and the middle didn’t freeze over or it broke open somewhere at a seam and the wind got up, it’ll blow the water from the middle over the ice. It can run quite far over the ice, like a mile or more. But for the moment they were sort of safe because the ice was still 20+ inches thick. However getting stuck cuz you took in water would really suck! The “narrator” is an idiot because he doesn’t realize the predicament he’s in. That is not how we go walleye fishing in Minnesota. That’s how you hear of those folks that got themselves in trouble.

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