Update: Masked Men Who Entered Dearborn Police Station Open Carrying Semiautomatic Rifles Face Felony Charges


The two men who thought it was a good idea to enter a police station carrying semiautomatic rifles and wearing body armor are getting exactly what they deserved.

James Baker, 24, and Brandon Vreeland, 40, thought they would be arraigned on misdemeanor charges for the little stunt they pulled on Facebook live, but instead were slapped with felony charges for carrying a concealed weapon, disturbing the peace and assaulting, resisting or obstructing a police officer. Baker was also charged with brandishing a weapon, according to WDIV.

Baker and Vreeland entered the Dearborn police station February 5 to “file a complaint” because they “felt threatened” when they were pulled over earlier that day. They brought with them semiautomatic rifles, ski masks, body armor and cameras to film the whole thing. Ironically, they¬†entered the station dressed for war and that’s exactly what they got, because they now face a much bigger legal battle than they expected.

Sergeant Carpenter of the Dearborn police spoke emphatically about why a high bond for these two “professional provocateurs” should be set.

Since the incident, police have investigated over 7,000 text messages between Baker and Vreeland about their “protests” and taking advantage of “Trumpophobia” by wearing full Muslim robes and carrying AK-47s at public demonstrations.

“There’s discussion of having a death wish, making funeral arrangements and embracing the idea of being known as the public enemy,” Carpenter said.

Bond has been set at $50,000 cash or surety, for Baker, and $20,000, cash or surety, for Vreeland. Both men will have to turn over all weapons if they post bond, and would be required to wear a GPS tether. One last condition of their bond: the two men must not have any contact with one another.

The video from the original OutdoorHub article is below:

(Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language)

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