Croatian Fishermen Catch Massive Stingray


Two fishermen in Croatia caught a stingray of massive proportions off the coast of the rather small island of Glavat.

The two fishermen, Marko and Andrija, both from the island of Korčula, caught the gigantic stingray while trolling in about 520 feet of water, according to Croatia Week.

The stingray, which was deemed a roughtail stingray, measured 12 feet long and nearly 7 feet wide. The scale was not prepared to hold such a creature, as it topped out at 200 kg, roughly 440 pounds. The ray was estimated to weigh somewhere between 550 lbs to nearly 700 lbs!

Check out the photos below posted to Facebook by Trojanović, it looks like the guys had trouble just getting the stingray in the truck:

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