Video: Drone Footage Captures Shark Stalking Surfers in Australia


Have you ever had a close encounter with a shark while swimming in the ocean? Think again, because one of these toothy ocean dwellers might have invaded your personal space bubble without you ever realizing it. Scary feeling right?

This clip shows incredible drone footage of a shark stalking a couple of surfers off the coast of Ballina, New South Wales, in Australia.

You’ll noticeĀ a dark figure trailing behind the surfer as the wave rolls toward shore. Nearly crashing into another surfer in the water, the shark gets thrown off, and shifts its attention to a more vulnerable and stationary target.

The second surfer, whose legs are dangling in the water like meat hanging in a deli shop window, is completely unaware of the shark. We’ll let you see what happens next, but don’t be surprised if you catch yourself screaming at your screen for the surfer to paddle faster!

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