No Photoshop Used Here: Potential World Record Spotted Bass is a Beast!


It was just a month ago we posted a “can you spot the photoshopped fish quiz,” but there aren’t any photoshopped fish in this story.

While fishing New Bullards Bar Reservoir on Valentines day 2017, Cupid sent Nick Dulleck a lovely bass that is sure to break records – world records.

Dulleck, from San Jose, California, was fishing with his friend Adam McAndrews when Dulleck landed a hog spotted bass, which weighed a whopping 11 pounds, 4 ounces. The fish hit the ruler measuring 24 1/2-inches long and had a 20 3/4-inch girth.

The two anglers worked to document the weighing process and then released the giant fish back in the water to maybe grow even bigger.

First, they film a “private weighing,” where the scale showed 11.24. Then, they found a group anglers nearby to witness the weighing of this potential world record spot,¬†and again the scales showed 11.24.

Dulleck took the liberty of announcing his world record fish on Instagram:

Here it is! 11lb 4oz Spotted Bass. After bass fishing for 20+ years I am proud to share this because it proves if you set a goal and dream big you truly can achieve anything. I did it, I was ready, I was prepared. I want to thank my long time friend Adam of @ebisutackle who was with me on his boat and netted her, was my weighmaster, etc.. not to mention all the laughs and good times together on this birthday trip that will make this memory unforgettable for both of us. I also want to thank my friends and family who support my crazy dreams and fishing addiction you know who you are and I appreciate you. I look forward to what the future holds! @guardiantackle #TheGuardian #BigBassDreams #GuardianTackle #EbisuTackle #FebruaryDreamin #SpottedBass #CatchAndRelease #PalmTreesAndDollarSigns

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The scale used to measure the bass has been certified by the IGFA, so the wait for official word on the record is on.

Way to catch them, sir! Now get back out there and try to pull another record out of the water!

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