It’s called shed HUNTING for a reason, but some folks, like the youngsters in this video, think they’re entitled to any shed antler they can get their paws on. It all started when the alarms around Whitcomb’s Whitetails began to go off, alarming staff of an intruder climbing over the fence.

First of all, lets talk a little bit about Whitcomb’s Whitetails and what they’re about.

A quick visit to the facilities website and their “About Us” page, shows that deer hunting is not just a past time for these folks, it’s a way of life, it’s a passion, and it’s been passed down from one generation to the next in the Whitcomb family.

Here is what you’ll find on their “About Us” page:

Family owned and family run. Archery runs deep in our roots.

As a fanatic hunter and horticulturalist, I started raising deer and collecting scent for my personal use and success. My dad started bow hunting in the 1940’s and made his own bows and arrows. I was four years old when my brothers and I were given our first recurve bows at Christmas. My dad taught us how to make our own wood arrows and the skill of hunting that was passed down to him from his grandfather.
Our family has also operated a nursery since I was a child, and as I grew up, I became a fanatical hunter and nurseryman – it was destiny that these two worlds came together.
Whitcomb’s Whitetail’s is a family-owned business. We have a nursery and greenhouse business as well as a Archery Pro Shop. Our businesses complement each other. Our nursery and deer are located two miles north of Princeton, Minnesota on Highway 169.
We invite you and your family to visit our deer and observe the whitetail’s behavior.
We work with deer 365 days a year and encourage people to come and hear what we know and have experienced with our deer.

I’ve used deer scent all my hunting life. In the earlier years it worked great.
But through the years, I noticed a change in the scents and the companies that offered them. The scent seemed to be getting progressively weaker and ineffective, and I wondered why. I began investigating on my own where and how these scent companies collected their scent. I soon realized that the companies were not willing to show me their deer, where or how the urine was collected or what was in the bottle. They would give me no such information.

Now, it’s difficult to fool a whitetail’s nose. It is even more difficult if the scent you are using is watered down, mixed with the scent of many animals, or shelved without refrigeration before you put it to use in the field.

For this reason, I started Whitcomb’s Whitetail’s Uncommon Scents Inc., where the public is welcome to come and see our deer and our facilities to learn more about deer and how to draw them in by using scents and food plots. We have found no other scent companies that offer the public these opportunities.
We’re proud to offer “The freshest scent in the field” and excited to show our customers just how a high quality product is collected from our superior herd of whitetail deer. At Whitcomb’s Whitetail’s we encourage our customers to come and see the results of good deer management.

Alright, now that you have the background on these mad scientists of deer scent, you’ll understand why it’s so bothersome that someone would try to blatantly steal from them.

Upon investigating the tripped alarms, this Facebook video shows the culprit responsible, and if you watch until the end, it appears he’s picking up another buddy who was likely hopping the fence as well. Dang hooligans!

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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