It wasn’t long ago, we heard the U.S. Army decided to replace the firearm they’ve issued for over 30 years with Sig Sauer’s P320, however, it appears one gun company feels slighted in the Army’s decision.

Glock has filed a protest to the U.S. Government Accountability Office on February 24, which puts any plans for the Army to test its new weapon system on hold until the protest has been resolved.

At this time, nobody knows the exact reason for Glock’s protest. (Other than not being chosen – another Oscars snafu possibly??) However, it has lead to speculation of a “ghost modular Glock gun” because none of Glock’s handgun designs in the past have been considered even close to “modular” at all.

Sig Sauer was awarded a $580 million contract in January to provide the Modular Handgun System, including firearm, ammunition and accessories.

The M9 Beretta has been the standard issue sidearm for all branches under the U.S. Department of Defense since 1985.

Image courtesy wikimedia

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  • RogerDane

    Gotta love that “tea cup” grip!

    • Ryan

      Does it even have a rear sight?

      • Marc

        If you need a rear sight, you might need a rifle…

  • Ean White

    Just look at how worn down that front sight is, too! Who is that SSG’s unit armorer? Fail.