When it comes to outstanding hunting and fishing experiences, most sportsmen and women rarely pause to think about the backstory. By that I mean, what really went into creating that wall-hanger buck or trophy fish?

Game and fish management is a complex puzzle with many moving pieces, and in my opinion, far too many hunters and anglers spend too much time complaining about the resource and its managers, rather than working to improve it or giving praise when its do.

If I’ve piqued your interest at all with this introduction, I ask you to spend 14 minutes watching what I believe to be one of the best fishing videos ever produced. No, it’s not filled with loud music, fast edits, and screaming, fist-pumping anglers dressed in NASCAR-like jerseys. Instead, it’s about a fisheries biologist – sounds boring, right? – who just might change your thinking the next time you step into the turkey woods, a trout stream or a deer stand.

People – namely, hardworking, dedicated fish and game biologists – are largely responsible for the species you pursue on weekends and vacations. One of those people was a Missouri fisheries biologist named Spence Turner, whose body of work is nothing short of spectacular.

I tip my favorite fishing cap to Spence, who died in 2016. His legacy lives on in the fine trout fishery available in Missouri. Someday I hope to experience it first-hand.

Well done, Spence. Well done.


Images are screenshots from the YouTube video

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