Mother Nature is an unruly beast, and you should never intervene on the circle of life. As outdoorsmen and women, we’ve all heard this before, but some folks could stand to hear it repeated a few times over again.

In this clip, a killer whale does battle with a seal just off shore, where a few bystanders witness the whole thing. The video shows an orca corner a seal on shore, and then swim right up on the sand to finish it off.

As the whale makes a brave move to swim into the shallow water, a man runs toward the whale as if he was going to pull the seal from the orca’s mouth. The man’s effort proved futile, as the whale takes its meal and swims back into the ocean.

Luckily, the men in this video weren’t able to attempt a rescue or they could have been seriously hurt, or killed by a hungry killer whale! Haven’t they heard to never put your fingers near a dog’s mouth when it’s eating? Think of a killer whale as an 8,000-pound dog – same rules apply!

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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6 thoughts on “Video: Man Attempts to Rescue Seal from Hungry Killer Whale

  1. These men were very privileged to witness a mother killer whale teaching her baby whale how to hunt on land! Its an extremely skilled practise, the killer whale has to have enough speed to catch and drag its prey back into the water without getting beached while doing it. Otherwise the whale could die if it comes to far onto land. Great video!

  2. these imbeciles witnessed a WONDER like this face to face and tried to … STOP IT! wtf?

    that seal was already “marked”.

    anyway… AMAZING VIDEO. I love orcas so much…

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