Meanwhile in Minnesota, “ice tsunamis” are seemingly taking over the entire state.

Okay, maybe they aren’t taking over the state, but this video is definitely unnerving! The video shows a glacier moving over Mille Lacs Lake, which is located about 100 miles north of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The icy wave, which is being pushed by strong winds, rolls toward a house and it eventually breaks a window as it pushes its way inside. Turn up the volume for this one; it sounds like a big pile of glass rolling toward you!

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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6 thoughts on “Video: Ice Tsunami Glacier Engulfs Minnesota

    1. Stop mixing weather and climate please, they are connected, but it’s not relevant to say that because it’s cold somewhere at some point, global warming is not happening.
      The temperatures rose by approximately 0.8 degree celsius so far, which obviously is not enough to prevent winter from happening. 0.8 degree celsius in one century is something never seen in geological records, and the rate of increase is rising as we keep emmiting carbon dioxyde.

      1. Lol another brainwashed zealot. Global warming is based upon the greenhouse gas theory. With India and China generating exponentially increasing levels of greenhouse gases over the last several decades, the global temperature should have increased by several degrees already. Instead, from 1999 to 2016, even the IPCC had to admit there was a “pause” in what they claimed were rising temperatures. Theremis no way any such ‘pause’ could occur were the greenhouse gas theory valid, and man made emissions affecting the glibal temoerature. The average global temperature, when NOT manipulated by the IPCC, who removed sensors from remote areas and kept them in cities to buttress their alarmist propaganda, has actually fallen 1/3 of a degree. The NOAA attempted to erase the alleged pause by going back and changing historic data for the last 50 years, which is where the lie about the temperature actually climbing originated. For their actions, the NOAA was grilled by Congress, where they had to excuse their fraud by basically claiming that temperatures MUST have been cooler 50 years ago because of the greenhouse gas theory. The myth of the polar ice caps melting was also recently debunked when a REPUTABLE group of scientists, with peer-reviewed data (unlike the IPCC data), proved that the icepack was inceasing by GIGATONS. Sadly, too many keep repeating the global warming propaganda, whether it’s because theyre naive, they don’t bother actually checking sources, or because they’re part of the half a trillion dollar a year scam. In the 1970s, the fake alarmist scam was threats of an upcoming ice age. When that didn’t pan out, the same scientists began pumping global warming. When that was proven false, and recognized as a scam by all except those who get their news from drum circles, global warming was replaced by generic “climate change” because climate change can cover ANY climate event. The worst part of the whole scam is how those who say they care the most about the environment collect their money, then harm the environment by using private jets and gas guzzling limousines. So basically, they demonstrate their opinion of the fraud which they perpetrate.

      2. Well said! Another way the fraud was illustrated is how al gore got out of tobacco just before the big fed lawsuit and redirected his money into nickel mines (which are huge polluters of water besides pumping “greenhouse gases”). The batteries for those stupid expensive electric cars are nickel/cadmium……Huh? Follow the money…. Ive never, ever entertained the idea of man making a dent just by the sheer volume of the atmosphere and the natural cleansing the earth does. We can’t even come close to the CO2 that the ocean pumps out daily through evaporation. I’ve known for a long time that our weather comes from the sun in the form of solar flare activity. When there is a lot of flares we get warmer than average, fewer flares cooler than average. There is no “normal” because weather is always changing (due to solar flares). Earth would be an ice planet if not for solar flares. There is nothing we can do about it, nor should we…. The centers of the caps are unchanged or growing, especially Antarctica (the ice has grown out for dozens and dozens of miles, so much it has worsened the shipping routes around Cape Horn! The edges of the Arctic are still melting but they have to or we have have no salmon, trout, etc.

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