Tampa Bay gunmaker Mark Serbu, his daughter, and YouTuber Dan of “Do it with Dan” took off in Mark Serbu’s plane one evening and brought along with them an MP5 submachine gun to do a little sky shooting.

The video was filmed and posted to the YouTube channel, Do it with Dan, before attracting the attention of authorities, who weren’t all that sure what to do about it.

You’ll notice in the video, neither Mark nor Dan were entirely sure of the legality of this particular stunt. Dan asked as they made their way to the aircraft, “What are the legalities of this,” and Mark replied, with the gun barrel sticking out of a backpack, “I didn’t really ask. I’m assuming it’s okay.”

The Tampa Police Department kind of had a similar reaction to the YouTube video, after law enforcement was alerted by the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority.

What do you think? Skip to 3:40 for the shooting

(Warning: This video contains some NSFW language)

The Federal Aviation Administration is also investigating the matter, according to the Tampa Bay Times, but they have not yet released a statement.

The YouTube video includes a slide that reads, “after hours of flying to a safe location,” and then the trio pulled out what Serbu says was a fully automatic, Heckler & Koch MP5 9 mm submachine gun.

“There was no one close to us, no one for at least 10 miles,” Serbu said. “We did everything safe. I had my daughter with us.”

Valerie Serbu, 22, was the third passenger on the plane. You might recognize her from her YouTube channel 50CalVal.

Image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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9 thoughts on “Video: FAA Investigating YouTuber Firing Submachine Gun from Airplane

  1. They were doing so in a safe manner, this is america. Who cares? Its mark’s plane, they were over the ocean, the gun was legally obtained, seems A-OK to me

    1. This is wrong on so many levels and sends the wrong message to so many groups of enthusiast and of all the crafts they wish to pursue. If such a behavior is desired join the military and have at it at the firing range. I am extremely knowledgeable about such things having survived 3 accidental discharges; Not of my own doing. You cannot take it back after the round is discharged. PERIOD!!! Bird strike, air turbulence, and jamming of aircraft systems are some factors to be considered. This behavior should be discouraged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

      1. What does a bird strike, air turbulence have to do with firing out of the airplane? I don’t believe there is any way aircraft sysems can be jammed.

        This post is a prime example of a a knee jerk reaction to something that is different. Like saying “I wouldn’t do it so it must be wrong”

        Can’t see how they broke any laws. Why do it? Why target shoot? It’s fun, no laws were broken, no one was going to be hurt, not immoral. Matter of fact this is certainly not the first time. In some states where feral pigs are a huge problem it is legal to shoot them from an airplane. Been done, being done.

  2. This simply comes down to not everything needs to be videoed, or if so not posted for all to see. Sometimes we don’t all need to know what you are doing.

  3. EFFING IDIOTS. They deserve whatever they get, It’s people like this that give the left reason to infringe upon our 2nd amendment rights. Firing out of a plane at what? for what? an filming it? I am a multiple NFA tax stamp holder. Definitely screwed if they flew over State lines without notifying BATFE in advance

    1. Why would they have to notify BATFE if they flew over state lines? I can drive legally over state lines with a gun.

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