My wife is a bowhunter. And she shoots a Mathews. Now, if that makes me a bit biased regarding this newly released film from Mathews Archery, then so be it. But if you take the 100 seconds to watch it, you’ll see that it’s much more than a spotlight on the new AVAIL bow.

Make no mistake – “DRIVE” is an amazing tribute to all women bowhunters, no matter what brand or style of bow they choose to shoot. The film gets to the core of what many female bowhunters face when they walk into an archery shop, step up to line to compete in a local shooting event, or – God forbid – post photos of a buck, bull or bear they’ve tagged with archery gear.

I’m speaking about the obstacles. The whispers.

I know first-hand that many women bowhunters, especially the high-profile ones, must deal with naysayers and haters daily. And I think it’s sad.

Here’s the truth:

My wife (below) is the best shooter in our family. She started hunting earlier in life than I did.

OutdoorHub Bowhunting Columnist Melissa Bachman shoots more arrows in a week than I do in a year. She trains year-round in the gym and outdoors to ensure she won’t run out of gas on mountain hunts.

“The Crush” co-host Tiffany Lakosky (included in this film) has been bowhunting for 20 years, long before anyone had heard of Lee and Tiffany. How would I know? I went to high school with Lee, and remember when Tiff arrowed her first whitetail, a small 1.5-year-old Minnesota buck.

All three of these women are “the real deal.” And there are thousands and thousands more.

Crank up the volume on your smartphone or laptop and enjoy “DRIVE.” And share it with your friends – no matter their age or gender. (Spoiler alert: The arrow-in-flight footage at the 1:17 mark is nothing short of spectacular!)

Top image is a screenshot from the YouTube video

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