Richard Wyatt, star of Discovery Channel’s reality TV show “American Guns,” has been convicted on a total of 10 felony counts related to conspiracy, fraud and tax evasion.

Wyatt, 53, was taken into custody after being found guilty in a Denver U.S. District Court where he will wait for his sentencing trial at a later date. Wyatt is facing a maximum of 15 years in federal prison, said Jeff Dorschner, a spokesman for U.S. Attorney Bob Troyer.

The jury found Wyatt guilty of not reporting $1.1 million in income to the IRS, conspiracy and dealing out firearms sans a license to do so. In addition, the jury was hung on three charges of illegal weapon importation.

According to the Denver Post, ATF agents seized almost 600 guns and ammo from his Gunsmoke store on March 31, 2015.

Court records show Wyatt was able to keep his business running by conspiring with another gun store owner, Triggers. Any customers who purchased a firearm from Richard at Gunsmoke, would then go to the other store for their background checks and to pick up their guns.

Richard Wyatt’s operation was busted after two undercover ATF agents purchased four guns from Wyatt on three occasions while wearing body cameras, according to court records.

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One thought on “Star of Discovery’s ‘American Guns’ Convicted on 10 Felony Counts

  1. Boy, between this bunch and the “Sons of Guns” bunch, it doesn’t look very good for the reality tv gun shop shows.

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