Having a realistic turkey decoy is a crucial element in order to bag a big ol’ longbeard, and when it comes to convincing turkey decoys, look no further than the Mobo Gobbler decoy.

If you had a remote-control car as a kid, you’re going to love this deke. Take a look as these hunters deploy the Mobo Gobbler in the field and then it’s lights, camera, action:

Intrigued? Wait until you see this thing in action during game time:

The turkeys simply cannot resist the Mobo Gobbler! As you saw in the video above, toms are literally sprinting to get a better look at this decoy.

Here’s one more good clip that shows how effective a Mobo Gobbler can be; it even inflicts a little payback on a dead bird. Good stuff!

Image courtesy Mobo Gobbler Facebook

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