You know those moments you try to brush something off like it never happened? The gun instructor in this video is going to need a big brush after this, and probably a change of pants while he’s at it . . .

In the video, the instructor is demonstrating some very basic tactical lessons in front of a group of fellow shooters. All is well, until a negligent discharge proves not everyone can handle a .44 Magnum.

You have to give it to him; he brushed that one off faster than a buttered bullet.

Without even a second of hesitation, he nearly spits out a tooth answering “Yeah,” I meant to do that. He almost played it cool, but the color of his face said it all. Next stop: Newunderwear Town for this guy!

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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  • Boyd Timothy Babcock

    He is so busy running his fat mouth he forgets safety. He should never use a loaded gun when behind the firing line or even a real gun.

    • alandeon2 .

      Had it Double tapped he would have had a new lip piercing… wow….

  • bill

    there is no safety on single action revolver

    • Brian

      It’s a double action revolver and they meant GUN safety

      • bill

        He pulled the hammer back making it single action. Know it is a dbl action revolver.

  • bob

    so…what’s the point of showing this video to the general public? Is this “training” video really needed to show gun safety? Or is it to reinforce the “public at large”‘s notion that there is no such thing as a safe gun and accidents happen to the “best” of them? This so-called instructor (or is it just a guy and his buds at a range, no context given here at all) is giving everybody with common sense in their heads a bad name, yet the “outdoorhub” reporters or their editor label it: “GUN INSTRUCTOR”…at the headline….again, why? No gun owner in his right mind would laugh at this, never mind show it over and over again in a public forum as “oh, here’s what not to do”…We’re way past that stage on this guy. damn.idiot. and darwin failed here…..

    • alandeon2 .

      He was “instructing” a group of shooters was he not? That makes him an “Instructor”

      He should have at least acknowledged his mistake.

  • wyntrout

    So that’s one oft he ways that all of those holes get into the roof, the walls, the table, and the floors! ö

  • Chrissums

    Proves my point that there are a lot of idiots passing themselves off as instructors these days. He fits the profile to a Tee.

  • Franco Eldorado

    It’s easy to do this when you handle guns all day long. If there was anything ever worth being OCD about it should be gun safety. I had a cop friend who was doing training on the side hand me a Glock 42. He took the mag out and gave me the gun look at as it was new to him. I almost assumed he wouldn’t be stupid enough to hand me a loaded gun but I be wrong. I pulled the slide back and a round fell out. He didn’t even acknowledge it. Always follow the 4 rules

    • Barry Moore

      The glock has a magizine disconnect, that’s probably why he didn’t worry about it. A glock will not fire with a live round in the chamber, if the mag is released. That said, it’s always your responsibility to check any weapon in your hand, and not depend on someone else.

      • Kivaari

        WHAT? I have never seen a Glock with magazine disconnector.

      • Robert

        Me either! My Smith&Wesson, 9mm has to be shucked before it can fire!

      • Barry Moore

        My model 23 and 32 both had Mag disconnects.

      • dan

        You (or the previous owners) might have purchased them in a state where magazine disconnects are required by law. I personally have never seen a Glock with a magazine safety.

      • mensatoo

        NOT ALL OF THEM !

      • Franco Eldorado

        Sorry but not in VA. My 4 all fire with a mag out and so did the one in my story above

      • CitizenYYZ

        Might want to double check that next time you’re at the range. I have five Glocks spanning two gens and don’t know of any that have a mag disconnect. I don’t know what that mechanism would even look like in a Glock. Post pics of the internals so we can take a look.

      • Barry Moore

        Sorry, took them in on a trade, and then got rid of them, so no pics. However, both definitely had Mag disconnects.

      • Friend of Tibet

        Nope, glock does not have Magazine disconnect, had Gen 3 and Gen 4 and all can fire with live round in chamber with no magazine inserted.

      • Deplorable-Shocked&Amazed

        My Browning P25 High Power does

      • Floyd D Barber

        None of my Glocks have a magazine disconnect.

  • Quantummist

    “Keep your nose picker off the the little curved thingamajig in the round part until you plan to go boom…” —- Hillbilly Wisdom….

    • pennhead

      Keep your booker hook off the bang switch!

  • Todd Mitchell

    An ounce of humility at that moment would have gone a looong way in the “training” of these folks.

  • Pistolero

    Too bad the name of the instructor, his company and location aren’t available so students will know who to avoid.

  • mensatoo

    Why is he demonstrating with a loaded gun , how many times do we need this replay of so call police officers calling themselves ” expert” and shooting themselves in the leg, I can count several doing the exact same thing. Do not load until ready to shoot , !

    • Robert

      Exactly what I thought right off!

  • AnAmericanRight

    Instructor should have said, “don’t do what i just did for safety sake.”

  • Robert

    This is why every gun owner has to be diligent concerning gun safety, because “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong!”

  • justin

    some one should post this idiots name .

  • Kivaari

    That really is sloppy gun handling.

  • In my shooting club he would get fired for pointing a loaded gun somewhere else than the target and even accidentally setting it off.

    • Deplorable-Shocked&Amazed

      Or having a unholstered loaded gun outside the shooting lane… Almost everyone shooting is carrying
      Do that at where I shoot (besides the back yard) and they throw you and and tell you not to come back.

      • Exactly. That retard, besides liberals, is the least person i ever would hand out a firearm. Not even a pointy stick.

  • CommonCents

    know it all DBAG!!!! those people get hurt or hurt others

  • Lmg412

    Just like everyone else mentioned,first sign of poor gun handling was him not keeping a loaded gun pointed anywhere but down range. Even the guy next to him that is being “trained” was wary of how he handled the gun. Second of all, you don’t lock your arms when firing, you keep your arms slightly bent because if the recoil catches you off guard you could lost handle on the weapon. Third is obviously the fact that he didn’t keep his finger off of the trigger until the second you’re ready to fire. Fire this guy and never let him touch another firearm or instruct another range user.

    • Alexandre Saccol

      Fire this guy, get it? Geeet it?

    • Cesar Garcia

      I don’t agree with you about not locking arms when firing. As a matter of fact, bullseye shooters, muzleloading MLAIC, and Olympic shooters do it as you must shoot one handed according to the rules, even with large calibre. I shoot 44 Magnum that way, one handed, locked arm, as well as 45. Colt and 9mm. As I said, I do bullseye.

  • Anthony Volikas

    Lane dividers/barricades are for safety. He was dicking with a loaded gun and not between the barricades. Ban him from the range (permanently) and whatever credentials, stripped.

    • Deplorable-Shocked&Amazed

      It does not look very professional and you have to wonder what other sloppy and dangerous things he is showing his students that may not know anything about guns.
      Following this guys advice may get you killed or a love one

  • Chuck

    WHAT???? and he did not even use that dumb move, “finger on the trigger while not on the target,” to make a point to the class . . . . .
    Not only a dumb move but not a very good instructor . . . . .
    Talking way to fast and certainly not even paying attention to himself.

  • Deplorable-Shocked&Amazed

    Did you mean to do that yeah

  • BANG!

    “…Nice light trigger pull.”

    *Clears ears*

    *Staggers forward to pass out*

    (You do not demonstrate in this manner, especially with a loaded firearm, you clown.)

  • Dan

    He sounds and acts like the Rick Moranis character in Ghostbusters.