The Wyoming Game and Fish Department wrapped up a poaching case after a Wyoming resident watched the two defendants on a hunting show called “Hunting in the Sticks.”

Ricky J. Mills, 37, and Jimmy G. Duncan, 25, were arraigned on numerous wildlife violations totaling over $30,000 in fines, according to Oil City News.

The case began when a Wyoming resident noticed something wasn’t right in an episode titled “Western Redemption,” where Mills and Duncan are seen harvesting two bull elk in Wyoming. The resident tipped off authorities when he noticed  the area they claimed to kill the elk, did not match the area for which their licenses were issued.

Authorities were able to locate the kill site and dig up enough evidence to build a strong case against the poachers.

“This case could not have been made without the assistance of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources agents,” said Mike Ehlebracht, investigative supervisor for the Wyoming Game and Fish.

In conclusion, it was determined that the two poachers took two elk on private property, but it wasn’t just any private property. The area they took the two bulls out of is a highly coveted hunt area that yields very few tags. In this specific area, bulls are only allowed to be harvested every other year.

Ricky Mills was sentenced and ordered by the court to pay $7,460 in fines, $6,000 in restitution for the bull elk he killed, $240 in court costs and has been stripped of his hunting privileges for 15 years. Mills will be entered into the Wildlife Violator Compact which will prevent him from hunting and trapping in 43 participating states.

Jimmy Duncan was also sentenced and ordered to pay $7,500 in fines, $6,000 in restitution for his bull elk he killed, $4,000 in restitution for an antelope he illegally took in 2013 and $240 in court costs. Duncan also lost his hunting privileges for 15 years and will be entered into the WVC along with Mills. The elk mounts from both Duncan and Mills were forfeited to the Game and Fish.

(Note: As of 3/14/17 the YouTube video for Season 3 of “Hunting in the Sticks” has been removed, it is still available on Vimeo following this link)


Image is a screenshot from the vimeo video

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    I grew up in that area. Thanks for making me homesick after watching the Vimeo link!

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      Hunting in the sticks with a pair of dicks.I hope they get a couple pair of dicks with prison sex.Assholes!

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    Let this serve to show all hunters. Don’t compromise the hunting laws. True hunters follow and obey all the laws about hunting, not just when people are looking. You’d never make it in our deer camp and I’m glad you caught. Especially doing this for a tv show! Too bad losers, how ya gonna be hunting pros now? Plain stupid.

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    What a pair of dirt bags!

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    They should also have to do at least 30 days of jail time. I wonder what happened to the guide/s and outfitter. They should be prosecuted as well