On November 14, 2016, Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy Dean Bardes was attacked by a man, Edward Strother, while patrolling traffic on Florida’s I-75. OutdoorHub reported on this story when it occurred, but video of the incident just recently surfaced, and it’s pretty intense.

Deputy Bardes and Strother were involved in a high-speed chase for several miles before Strother eventually exited his vehicle and went after Bardes. Witness Ashad Russel reportedly saw the suspect jump over Bardes patrol car door, land on top of the officer and began pounding on the officer’s face.

Russell, who was legally in the possession of a concealed firearm, got out of his vehicle and approached the scene. By this time, Deputy Bardes was pleading “please shoot him” trying to prevent Strother from getting a hold of his weapon. Russell gave “numerous commands” for Strother to get off of Bardes, but he was not listening.

Afraid for Bardes’ life, Russell fired off three rounds, striking the suspect and neutralizing the threat.

According to ABC News, Strother told Russell when he shot him a second time, “You better kill me.” The third shot – to Strother’s neck – was regarded as the fatal shot, the state attorney’s office said.

The gripping footage begins with Russell pointing his firearm at Strother as he sits on top of Deputy Bardes in the middle of the road:

Russell didn’t face any charges after the incident. In fact, a local gun store owner who saw the news supplied Russell with a brand new handgun free of charge for his heroic actions.

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35 thoughts on “GRAPHIC VIDEO: Concealed Carrier Saves Officer’s Life by Shooting Attacker

  1. I support gun ownership, but none of these people should be in possession of a firearm. Not the maniac on top of the officer, the officer who asked for the maniac to be shot or the civilian who squeezed the trigger. Pulling a gun escalates everything to a whole new level where actions have permanent consequences. He could have just tackled him, picked up a tire iron, there are so many choices…sad to see this, but it is precisely why there are so many gun deaths in America…pulling a gun should be the last choice, not the first.

    1. That’s just down right silly. Brute force with a tire iron kills. Going hands on with a maniac is stupid. Killing him worked.

      1. It took great deliberation on whether to use the gun or not. If the suspect is fighting for control of the officers gun, and gets it, then the officer and the bystander would likely been shot. Better to let the officer fight for retention of his gun while you take out the threat. Especially when you can see the cop was losing the battle.

      2. Paragraph 3 mentions the suspect going for the cops gun. But you didn’t want anyone to have a gun. In that case the cop would likely be dead.

      3. First off, I didn’t say nobody should have a gun. I said they should know when to use it. Video shows the maniac looking at the civilian, his hands tied up by the cops, not going for the gun. Listen to the person taking the video…he can’t understand why the civilian fired. The video doesn’t lie. Granted he may have been trying earlier, but he was definetly not when he was shot. A simple boot to the head would likely have ended the situation. Just too eager to get his gun off I guess…but he looked cool doing it right?!? Personally, I would have ended this mess in about 20 sec, the suspect would likely be unconscious, the cop would see how to subdue a suspect and even the maniac’s family would be able to see him again.

      4. Actually you said no one should have a gun, not the maniac, not the cop and not the shooter. I likely would have tried physical force first. A choke hold. If that didn’t work, then the gun could come out.

      5. Agree, choke hold would have worked. I did say they shouldn’t be allowed to possess one after seeing the video…because the maniac is just too crazy and the other two used it at a first resort.

      6. The cop didn’t use his gun. His first choice was stopping the guy using flashing lights. Then he was physically attacked and completely overwhelmed. Anyone can lose the battle in the first couple of seconds. The cop had already lost the fight and was trying to retain his gun. He would be forcing it down into his holster while the thug is trying to grab it. Had the cop been able to draw and fire, he would have been justified.

      7. The cop told him to shoot him, not “Get him off of me!” Right there, not a good call. He doesn’t know if the civilian won’t panic and hit him. Easy to miss with a pistol if you are pumped full of adrenaline. If he gets the maniac off the cop, then the cop can pick from his tickle trunk of tools, easy peasy, lemon squeezey. I have seen this exact situation before…suspect on a cop, overwhelming him, then the tide turning quick with some unarmed civilian help. It’s not rocket surgery. Plenty of options.

      8. Bob, you’re just a moronic idiot looking for attention. There. You got your attention. Now go away.

    2. Maybe he should have asked the bat shit crazy cop beater to politely stop. Snowflake mentality. Get a safety pin and poke him with it.

    3. Bob, it must be nice living on cloud 9 surrounded by fairytales! I am sure in your world everyone could just hug it out; however, in the real world there are bad guys that will try to kill you. They don’t wear pink tutus and parade around hugging people. They use brute strength until they get their hands on something lethal and then they kill you. No wings or halo’s and fluffy little clouds! Just this crazy red gooey stuff called blood, and maybe even some guts (which apparently you are lacking)! The bystander did the absolute right thing! I hope they give him a citizens medal or something. As for you Bob, I hope reality never hits you. Because, you sir are a lamb and would be gobbled up by the big bad wolf!

      1. I am reality and more than capable of defending myself and others no matter what it takes. Being an intelligent, dangerous person, I know what the situation required. Not some cowboy with his toy, but a professional with his tool. Question is did the situation require a pistol? Answer, not yet…shooting was premature at best and far from heroic. I am sure it was appreciated by the cop, but he wasn’t about to die either.

    4. “I support gun ownership, but…”

      No, you do not. Any time you try to qualify your “but”, it always means you support the exact opposite but are trying to justify your position by “giving” some legitimacy to those you completely disagree with a token of false support of “we’re all of the same belief here” when you are anything but.
      You clearly stated you believe even the officer on the ground trying to retain possession of his own weapon from, as you also put it, a maniac trying to kill the officer, gain possession of his weapon for God only knows what purpose, should also not have been armed because, as others have plainly stated, you obviously believe in a unicorn fart world where everyone engages the other in calm, reasoned debate willingly giving up their belief after being convinced by their opponents superior intellect and logic just as you claim to possess with your argument even as they explain to you that that is not how the “real world” operates, never has and never will.
      It works great in the classroom but not in reality once you leave that classroom where there are no debate rules and only the law of the jungle takes precedence because that is how the real world works.
      In the real world those like the maniac here recognize one thing and one thing only…brute force that they are more than willing to engage in and the only thing that was going to stop him. All the other choices you presented involve taking the time to find something big and heavy enough to knock the maniac off of the cop or physically engaging a maniac who has already proven he has no fear of taking on an armed officer and could so very easily result in the death of the officer, you and other bystanders while you are more worried about the life of the maniac who is the whole problem to begin with.
      As an aside, a tire iron or other weapons, including bare hands, are just as deadly as a gun which has been proven countless times throughout history since man has been killing his fellow man for thousands of years before firearms were ever invented. The officer would not have encouraged the concealed carry holder to shoot the maniac if he was not in fear for his life and, as the maniac himself told the shooter after being shot twice already, “You better kill me” fully saying “I am not going to stop until I am dead and, when I finish with him, I’m coming after you next” because he was living under the law of the jungle real world he had been living all his life and there was no “superior logic” he was going to be convinced by or cared about and would have killed you and your superior logic without giving it the first thought let alone a second.

      1. Well where do I begin? I own multiple firearms and weapons of various types… Pistols, rifles, shotguns, bows, even a slingshot. Maybe I secretly hate them? Honestly, I see them as tools. Each tool is right for a specific job. Unarmed maniac, the proper tool is a taser, mace, night stick, tire iron, fists, generally something which has the potentional to down someone without necessarily killing them. Using a pistol is certainly very effective and rids society of a POS, but it is like using a framing hammer for a finishing nail.

      2. Too bad u wasn’t out there when this happened so that suspect could’ve taken the tire iron out of your hands and beat u to death with it then someone like the guy that showed up save the police officer And not u. So there isn’t people like u hidden among us real supporters acting like they support 2A but really in all actuality don’t

      3. Dennis, I wouldn’t wish anyone beaten to death with a tire iron simply because they disagreed with me. Wow, you need some therapy. To your other observation, I wouldn’t need a weapon, but if I did, there would be no way he could take it from me. I don’t get people who deal in absolutes. Why must I support unnecessary gun use if I believe in the second amendment? When people make poor judgements with firearms it is a serious issue and weakens the legitimacy of responsible enthusiasts.

    5. Possibly the most inane post I’ve ever seen in these forums. Congratulations… and the Darwin award for utopian pacifist pipe dreams goes to Birkenstock Bolshevist.Bob.

      1. Yes comrade M40. I don’t want to live in your dream world of bullets flying everywhere from wing nuts shooting at maniacs. I have many guns, but I have never had the occasion to use one on or even point one at another human being. Seems to be the culture now, 50 years ago everyone had a gun and they knew when and how to use them. But somehow, geniuses like you decided they were fun toys, and naturally people started dying in droves. Necessarily of course…

      2. Your basic assumption that gun violence is somehow trending upwards is pure, unadulterated BS. It’s been steadily declining for the past 50 years. In fact, if you remove a few of the socialist cesspools of cultural sensitivity from the stats, the US is statistically quite safe.

        I know the media has you spouting your daily leftist talking points like a well trained parrot, but none of the actual crime data backs up your views. As Ronald Reagan famously said… “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

  2. If you support gun rights than you know this was exactly the right procedures followed to save an officers life. God bless the 2nd amendment.

  3. I would expect nothing less than for someone to help. Good job. Think of it this way if it was you being beat down and in trouble you damn sure would want someone to help no matter what it takes so you can stay alive and the attacker subdued.

  4. Seems like Bob will argue to his dying breath that nobody needed to use a gun. Bob wants us to believe that the only people who should involve themselves in self-defense, or the defense of others, are kung fu-ninja-mma self-styled martial artists who believe they can effectively put down and keep down a bad guy. I guess bad guys cannot equally be kung fu-ninja-mma self-styled martial artists equal (or better than) the would be hands-on good samaritan or L.E. officer.

    Good luck to Bob and his belief system. It just seems woefully inadequate against formidable bad guys.

    1. No a couple of regular Joe’s could have handled it…like they do in the civilized world.

      I look at other first world countries and they don’t have this problem. It isn’t because they don’t have guns or maniacs, it’s just they are trained when to use deadly force. It’s obvious to anyone who is capable of critical thought. I love guns, but people who don’t respect them do so at their own and other’s peril.

      1. What’s the diff, a gun or the needle. A gun is more humane for the likes of a thug like this. If I were there, not having a carry license (which none of us should need, btw), I’d have gladly obliged you, Bob, by beating the cr@p out of the thug (i’m 6’5″ 280lb), but most boys these days are wimpos, and I doub’t there was anyone around the officer that could have helped him without getting their knees scraped. So for the heavy-set hero dude, the gun was his weapon of choice, and probably his only one at that.

        I congratulate him for his courage in this day and age of ambulance chasers and their money grubbing litigation, to use his gun and put an end to the officer’s beating. Unfortunately, I question what the Sheriff and DA would be saying and doing if the guy was defending one of us civies. That’s a real problem, too. An innocent man protecting an innocent man should not EVER have to face a legal nightmare, even when the defense is NOT of “one of theirs.”
        And the “us and them” that law enforcment now complains of is because of this sort of double3 standard. They are no higher or lower than any other citizen when it comes to the justice pole.

  5. People like “Bob” like to pretend they really mean what they say, but we know his kind, the coward in any situation, engage in bogus aurguments. Thus I ignore these “Bob’s of the world and am wise to their phoney rants
    This officer is in danger of losing his life. Shooting the offender stopped this action. The offender was told to stop and ignored the warning. There was no high fiving or celebration after the shooting. In fact the shooter looks distraught for having to save the officers life. Remember, the offender caused this incident. He escalated it to the level that cost him his life. No one has fault of any kind but the offender.

    1. Okay Dave, I am just a coward for not wanting to shoot an unarmed man and take him out with a less deadly method. I like how your arguments flow so logically. Thusly, you are very wise and knowledgable of the real world I don’t have the guts to see. I can only hope heros like you are around to save me. If you see someone on top of somebody else, just shoot them, they were about to die! There is no other way to handle it. Better safe than sorry I always say! Thanks buddy!

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