GRAPHIC VIDEO: Concealed Carrier Saves Officer’s Life by Shooting Attacker


On November 14, 2016, Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy Dean Bardes was attacked by a man, Edward Strother, while patrolling traffic on Florida’s I-75. OutdoorHub reported on this story when it occurred, but video of the incident just recently surfaced, and it’s pretty intense.

Deputy Bardes and Strother were involved in a high-speed chase for several miles before Strother eventually exited his vehicle and went after Bardes. Witness Ashad Russel reportedly saw the suspect jump over Bardes patrol car door, land on top of the officer and began pounding on the officer’s face.

Russell, who was legally in the possession of a concealed firearm, got out of his vehicle and approached the scene. By this time, Deputy Bardes was pleading “please shoot him” trying to prevent Strother from getting a hold of his weapon. Russell gave “numerous commands” for Strother to get off of Bardes, but he was not listening.

Afraid for Bardes’ life, Russell fired off three rounds, striking the suspect and neutralizing the threat.

According to ABC News, Strother told Russell when he shot him a second time, “You better kill me.” The third shot – to Strother’s neck – was regarded as the fatal shot, the state attorney’s office said.

The gripping footage begins with Russell pointing his firearm at Strother as he sits on top of Deputy Bardes in the middle of the road:

Russell didn’t face any charges after the incident. In fact, a local gun store owner who saw the news supplied Russell with a brand new handgun free of charge for his heroic actions.

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