When authorities responded to a “shots fired” call in the rural community of Fronton, Texas, they discovered what witnesses are saying is a case of cross border violence.

Federal authorities found two fishermen who had been injured and a third killed by gunfire. The two survivors are expected to recover.

According to KRGV, the men were fishing, minding their own business, when a group of suspected gunmen from the Mexican side fired on them for no apparent reason.

No additional information was released, and the investigation is ongoing at this time.

This deadly shooting comes just months after a man was murdered at Falcon Lake by cartel gunmen. Falcon Lake is an area frequently used by Los Zetas for illegal activity such as smuggling drugs and illegal immigrants into the U.S.

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45 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: 3 Texas Fishermen Shot by Mexican Cartel Gunmen; 2 injured, 1 Dead

  1. The Dumocrats and snowflakes have really driven down our boarder protection. With President Trump in there I think things will change and get a lot tougher !! and I hope real tough

  2. Why aren’t the snowflakes marching along the border protesting these crimes?
    Guess they can’t sue anyone if the get ‘hurt’…..

  3. I hope the new POTUS authorizes cross border operations to kill these people who have been preying on America with the collusion of the US Government for the past 8 years.

  4. An acquaintance said it is time for a bake. The shit will hit the fan eventually, maybe the gov’t. can stay out of it…………….

  5. The border issues are beyond the ability of our government or the Mexican government to solve. They can’t find their asses with both hands. It doesn’t matter which party. War is not the answer that any Christian would want. All drug cartels donate millions of dollars to both parties. If we build a wall, it stops the flow of wildlife from my ranch into the mountains of Mexico and me from fishing the Rio Grande when I want to.

      1. Mexico is a failed state. I don’t think anyone would disagree. The international drug trade is worth tens of trillions of dollars per year. There are many reasons that our nations aid to families with dependent children goes in great measure to the coffers of the drug lords both here and abroad.There is so much to clean up on both sides of the border I am not optimistic about solutions that aren’t long term. I own ranches on the border in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. All separate ranches. I want to hunt and fish. It has, however, become unsafe for me to do so. You have to be here to see how bad it is. Mexico is only part of the problem. You have inter-connecting empires in China, Burma, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Columbia, Peru, Bolivia and on and on. I think legalization will only make things worse. I would love a solution. I know it won’t happen in my lifetime. I know for certain that no big city blowhard with gold plated crappers is going to solve anything.

      2. So why did it sound like you were opposed to both shooting at the intruders or building an impenetrable wall?

        I KNOW what you are saying about what you’re going thru down there, but if it were me (I also own properties), I’d prefer the wall, and if not that, the unquestioned (by government) right to protect my property with whatever force I deem necessary.

        What is it you would like to see happen?

      3. The deer, elk, quail, peccaries, cats, pronghorns, pigs, desert sheep, Rio Grande turkeys, and dove is the short list of game that migrate into the US in summer then in fall during the rut move back south into the Mexican mountains to winter over. The undocumented migrants don’t bother me at all. They are just folks trying to escape the violence and evil. If I knew for certain before pulling the trigger, I might take the law into my own hands to kill a cartel sicario. The gunfights within Mexico are the problem for me. I have a creek running into Mexico. The wall will destroy it. If y’all want a wall, build it up north.

      4. It will cause the creek to back up and flood my property every time we get monsoon rains in the summer. I am a joker. I find life generally humorous. Why can’t you engage in dialogue without resorting to insult and name calling?

      5. Considering all the problems the open borders cause, I think you’re pretty damn selfish.
        You’re worried about where to hunt? Incredible!

      6. My property! Or, don’t you believe in property rights. Why should I let my property be taken over and destroyed by the US government because so Yankee in Ohio is afraid of a child from Guatemala. I am not the only land owner who resents the government take over of my property rights.

      7. Well, the alternative, would be to build the wall this side of your property, and let you have your private property unencumbered by the rest of the country. We’d be free of maurauding Guatemalan children, and you’d have your private property untouched. We’d all be happy except the Guatemalan children camped out in your yard, wanting to be fed and clothed, and pooping in your driveway.

      8. Ya know I have a friend that manages 26,000 acres in south Texas. Our government says the illegals are slowing down! Ask him. He used to see groups of 2 to 5. Now, in 2016. He is seeing groups of 50 and more. And they are brazen about it. I understand your hunting and a creek, as I am an avid hunter and have been for 60 years. Game will adjust to the environment. I’ve witnessed it. Unless you are a WORKING ranch, you can build a creek or river or tank. If we used smart bombs and build a fence they will get the message. I am a 4 generation Texan and I and sick of this EXCEPTION. We don’t need to fix the problem when they get here, we need to fix it before they get here. I have yet to see or hear an illegal cross the border and surrender the fact they are criminals. Have you? I think not. We have to control and take our country back from the cartels and politicians. If you can afford 3 hunting ranches in 3 states with border problems, surely you can afford a engineer to build you a diversion river.

      9. And Leah you are so right! You should be abke to walk freely and live freely and rive freely and shop freely without fear of retaliation. I just watched on Fox news that 2 illegal 16 and 17 year olds raped and sodomized a 14 year old girl. They were students as well but were here illegaly! How does that happen??? And what sick human being is okay with that happening to a innocent child??? And Even as a hunter I resent the fact that the cartels sell hunting trips in Mexico to hunt the same animals that Bernard wants to share with Mexico. If the wall is the only issue for Bernard why does he not hunt and fish in Mexico? Lastly, there has to be something said for COMMON SENSE!a

      10. I know wild animals, and those you mentioned will survive just fine. They’ll get used to wintering over somewhere else where it’s suitable for survival … and they *will* survive, and thrive.

        As far as the illegal aliens, they may be fleeing, but they’re damaging our country. They need to fix their country, and we should help them do that. But they can’t come and overrun here … we’ve had enough.
        Do you let them stay in your house, feed them, cloth them, pay for their medical, let their friends and family come and stay with you? Well neither do any of us want to do that. We’ll help them in their own country, but not here. We’re a generous people. But we want people here who want to be here for our values, and want to assimilate and contrinute in meaningful; ways, not use our generousity, and then riot when they don’t get their way.
        As far as the cartels, we can take care of them like Isis. I’m sure Trump would be willing, and if it’s sold to the people of this country right, as a means of helping the poor “migrants” (as you say), then we’ll do it. ’nuff said.

      11. Have you not looked around you lately? But, we do pay for all those things you listed and quite frankly, I’m tired of it. When you are a minority within your own housing development, city, state and country their is a problem and it’s called over breeding. They come over here and have their babies one right after another with welfare giving them tons of money, they smuggle in family members, 20 to a 1 bedroom apartment and then they buy big Escalades, take jobs away even if it is under the table, the state gives them free cell phones, and the list goes on. Approx. 3 years ago in WA State, B of A was caught giving them social security numbers to get there business and open several accounts b/c the Feds give banks $$ for every account that is open. Why do you think Wells Fargo got into so much trouble. The illegals have got to stop as they are taking over the USA. Sorry, but I care as I was literally a minority in my own area. Do you know how scary that is for a woman? Why in the heck do you think I flipping carry a gun as they like to shoot themselves like it’s nothing.

      12. Leah, You need to be saying this to Bernard, dear, not me. My response was to him, and I was saying the same thing as you basically. Americans will help people who deserve it, but these illegals here to get handouts… Absolutely Not!

      13. Please explain your thought process on why legalization would only make things worse. I believe it’s probably the only solution that will rapidly solve the problem. Drug laws do little to stop users from using, since they have done little over the past half century to diminish the supply. What the laws have done, however, is the same thing the failed alcohol prohibition did nearly a century ago: create and nourish massive organized crime organizations that address the demand. By legalizing, you remove the source of income for the cartels. You also instantly solve our prison problem; we probably wouldn’t have to build a new prison in the U.S. for decades. Law enforcement could devote all of its attention to other crimes. Drug use would likely not go up appreciably, if at all, and in the long run, might be more likely to diminish as there would be no more “pushers.” And with that stigma removed, users would be much more willing to openly acknowledge their addictions and seek treatment. I’ve understood the desire to fight a problem with laws and enforcement efforts, but when it was obvious 20-30 years ago this was a failed approach, I’ve never understood why people keep thinking that something that hasn’t ever worked will work if we just do more of it! When you do something for more than half a century and year after year it fails, that meets anyone’s definition of insanity. Legalization isn’t the only component of a solution, but it’s the foundation of one. Until drug laws are eliminated, there is no way to stop the the natural course of economics: demand always ends up creating supply. Let’s let the supply be created by legal businesses held accountable for quality and purity, and the drug cartels will start disintegrating day one.

      14. I think that the international cartels will get more desperate than they are now. I think that legalization of marijuana is the right way to go. But I think the drug cartels will double down on synthetics and opium derivatives. I expect violent changes to take place within the first few years after legalization. Pot is not the main money maker of the cartels. It is heroin, cocaine, and synthetics. These people are not just going to close the store and go home. I think big tobacco will take over the cannabis production in the US. Besides legalization we need a functioning mental health system in this country and stop treating addiction in prison. This multi-trillion dollar business is incredibly complex.

      15. I never mentioned marijuana. I was talking about drugs. All drugs. I agree with you: legalizing marijuana alone isn’t going to put much of a dent in the drug cartels. I am talking about legalizing all drugs. Heroin, cocaine, all of them. That puts the drug cartels out of business. That ends the inconsistent quality drug users experience buying their product off random dealers, who buy from random wholesalers, who buy from random gangs/importers. If a heroin user can walk into CVS and buy heroin over-the-counter, without a prescription, and get a pharmaceutical grade product, we’ll lower the death toll right off the bat. We’ll eliminate dealers and the whole supply chain all the way back to the source. I feel bad we’ll be putting a lot of peasants out of work. Well, not too bad! But seriously, ending the drug war, ending it totally, for any and all drugs, may seem counter-intuitive to some. Well, let’s be real, it’s counter-intuitive to most. Most people aren’t deep thinkers and don’t think very hard about an issue. If something seems like a good idea, they want the government to support it and pay for it. If it seems bad, they want it outlawed. Simple-minded solutions by simple-minded people generally don’t work. The temperance movement didn’t like people drinking alcohol, so they got their politicians to outlaw it, and organized crime grew like dandelions in the spring. And people got just as drunk! It’s possible to outlaw legal alcohol production, distribution, and sale, but no law can outlaw yeast. It just happens! People who want to get around a law always have, and always will. Trying to control behavior by a nanny state government is doomed to fail, which is why it always has failed. Until enough people come to their senses about the foolishness of drug laws, we’ll still have drug cartels and all the current drug problems we’re facing now. Spend more on police, and the drug cartels will just produce more and become more violent. We’re barking up the wrong tree.

      16. Legalize all drugs…. REALLY? You think Big Pharm is ever going to let that happen? It would take their profit margin right down the crapper

      17. Marijuana is the only viable scheduled drug that is realistically possible to legalize. Again, I will call for the treatment of drug users as a major health problem. And not a crime.

      18. Bernard, have you talked to the Feds about building the wall in the middle of the river using a & pipe & vinal interlocking sheetpiling system? This would be the fastest and least intrusive way of doing it, IMHO. This want help with your wildlife’s ability to freely cross the river, but it wouldn’t impede access for the wildlife and you to get to the river and save them tons of money and headaches without having to purchase right of way through all of the private property! Please let me know your thoughts on the matter. Brian Rankin

      19. Are you kidding? The cartels will dominate the market because everyone wants a deal and the cartels wont just stop selling it because its legal. The will just continue to flood the US with even more drugs and cheaper..

      20. Wow… make it legal, a typical Socialist “Lazy” Liberal response! The truth is drugs are bad for a civilized society. Far worse than alcohol. It’s “La La Land” dreaming to let people decide to destroy their lives if they choose to, because their actions involve the rest of us who choose not to! Unfortunately a society needs laws to function. We really can’t be totally “Free”. Here is the problem and fix. When I was a boy we played shoot em up Cowboys and Indians, killing each other in play. As an adult I do not go around shooting people despite this. Why? Because society and my parents educated me on the difference between Right and Wrong. I never used recreational drugs because I was educated as to why that was a bad choice. The problem these days is our Liberal Socialist education system, society in general and dumb parents, failing to properly educate our youth. Letting our kids “Express Themselves” and never facing consequences for their actions is a big mistake. One just has to take a look at how our youth behave on Spring Break to see the result of Liberal education. Watching our kids high and drunk on the beach participating in lewd acts, clearly is a sign of sickness. You are crating a population of “Sheeple”, where eventually the Few will rule the flock! Going back to a foundational and basic education, holding people accountable for their actions and a return to ethics/standards would turn the problem around. Problem is our society chooses not to and even most of our supposed leaders are swindlers, so we don’t stand a chance! Few really care and we’re headed towards a totally controlled society like in Sci-Fi flicks! Making drugs legal will only line the pockets of those entering the new trade. Legalizing is the wrong choice. What laws will we do away with next? How bout just a Free for All?

      21. Chris, you need to learn the art of persuasion. Labeling and name-calling in your first sentence doesn’t make you sound smarter than anyone; it just shows you don’t have much of a case to make. I didn’t read past your second line, so whatever you ranted about was wasted. Perhaps a typical Socialist “Lazy” Liberal might want to read your post. I don’t. (and didn’t)

      22. Hey Desperate, you need to learn to face the truth​ about things. Liberals are Violent. They never negotiate.

      23. Chris, I find your arguments quite persuasive, other overly sensitive Snowflake comments not withstanding.

        I, like you, have been instlled with an abundance of common sense, and realize the folly of introducing foreign substances to one’s body for the purposes of altering one’s mental state. I suppose if my mental state was screwed up to begin with, I might not have anything to lose.

        However, I STRONGLY believe that a government should not regulate an action that is not criminal, in the sense that the action is not DIRECTLY hurting another individual in some way. HOWEVER, if consuming drugs results in actions that DIRECTLY cause harm to another or others THAT is a crime, and should be punished, and punished with consideration to surrounding circumstance. ALL persons should be held accountable for their actions … no blaming them on previous ingestion of altering substances, and if society so deems, throw the book at them if crimes are committed under the influence. But DON’T pre-emptively throw ANYTHING at them, just because they ingest something. That is only a crime to themselves, which they have a right to do if they wish.

        When we start making up pre-emptive crimes, there is no end to it, and it only restricts those who would not otherwise be criminals anyway.

        So oddly, I go along with some of these leftists posting here, but for me, it doesn’t end at that. They are still, even more so, accountable for any actions they perform under the influence. But if they keep it to themselves, all is well with me. But I would not be OK with government endorsement of drug use by laws that legalize it, just removing laws that penalize it.

        No doubt there would be societal and personal prices to pay for removing legal statutes penalizing actions that are not, in and of themselves, criminal, but which can lead to criminal actions. But that is the price to pay for greatly increased personal freedom … and with that, responsibility. This is as it should be. Our government should not be our nanny. By being so, it promotes a legalistic view for society to operate by, instead of a moral one. And that leads to a “if you can get away with it” mentality, no sense of right and wrong, and neverending additional “scenario laws.”

        That is what we have right now … a society of lawyers, insurance, criminals and “victims.”
        It is all overseen by a bunch of power-hungry nutjobs who think they know whats better for all of us peons who, in their view, deserve to walk to thier nutty tunes.

        The statutes of old were few and simple. It wasn’t because was less devoid of human forms of debauchery. And yes, life WAS simpler BECAUSE government had not gotten its fingers into every aspect of living. The roots of nearly every problem we have today comes from government interventions where it should not have been by our Founders’ design in the first place. If the Constitution had been stricktly adhered to, attitudes and life in general would be a whole lot more pleasant today, for ALL but those who would like to control others.

        It woiuld be nice if somehow, without bloodshed and destruction of this greatest country the world has ever known, we could return to its founding principles … those same principles which attracted the poor and downtrodden masses from around the world for over 2 centuries.

    1. Who cares about you going fishing any time you want. People’s lives are being taken due to fishing. And, these Mexicans are NOT Christians, they are Catholic. I would rather pay higher taxes if it saves a life. Their is something wrong with you.

      1. Excuse? Catholics were the first Christians. The rest of the denominations split off when individuals couldn’t agree with the Church, thought they were more enlightened or that God had revealed His true intent to them alone. You may not like the Catholic denomination within the Christian family of denominations, or you might think ONLY your denomination has had the REAL truth revealed to them by God, but many, if not most, Catholics adhere to their interpretation of the original manuscripts of God’s Word (which the Catholic Church just happens to own most of … I wonder why THAT is, eh?). So please keep your unChristian slander and conspiracy theories to yourself, or not, but you just sound like a nut, and destroy much of your own credibility.

    2. I’m sorrty but anytime a nation whether it is their citizens or the Gov invades another country and especial if those invading kill the other nations citizens WAR is exactly the answer. You put troops on the border and kill any mthrfckr that crosses it. Problem solved we do it around the world we can do it here.

  6. That is just heartbreaking for those families. It pees me off so badly. These cartel are cowards. No reason to shoot anyone fishing or boating. Don’t wait for the law or government. Protect yourself as much as you need to in order to survive.

  7. There have been several incidences where A 50 cal armed Humvee with Federales came over the and another incident where Federales with camo and fully auto riflles came over the border. These incidents are considered Invasion and an act of war. Put the Military on the Border a let them quell the situation.

      1. Heh, I saw the headline ‘3 Texas Fishermen….’ then saw the pictures. I thought, ‘Holy Crap, this is how they fish in Texas? I need to move there ASAP?’ lol

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