Video: This Upland Hunting Love Story by Orvis is Pure Gold


Upland hunters, both new and veteran, will thoroughly enjoy these great videos from The Orvis Company.

“When you first get into bird hunting it’s all about getting the bird. Then you start enjoying the habitat and scenery, how the dogs are working, learning more about nature, and then it’s the sharing with other people. That’s when it all comes together.” – Dave Perkins, Executive Vice Chariman of the The Orvis Company on his love for upland bird hunting.

That statement, as any hunter that’s been struck with bird hunting fever will tell you is, 100% accurate and that’s what this first video is all about. It highlights how a hunter grows from the very first shoot and retrieve to the appreciation of the habitat and scenery around you. This video from Orvis is pure gold:

Behind every good gun dog, is a hunter with mediocre shooting skills . . . at least from the dog’s perspective, who wants to chase and retrieve every single bird that’s flushed.

That’s what this next video honors, our amazing hunting partners who would go to the end of the Earth to retrieve a flushed bird and the bond that’s built over double barrel shotguns and in the thickest of coveys hunting for grouse and woodcock:

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