A police officer in Mesa, Arizona, who was charged with second-degree murder for an on-duty shooting in January, pleaded not guilty during his first court appearance Tuesday, Tucson News Now reports.

Officer Phillip Brailsford was released without bond following the hearing, and his attorney, Craig Mehrens, stated, “He is not a danger to the community. He has honorably served the community as a Mesa police officer, and he was honorably serving the day he received the call that day.”

On the day of the call, attorneys for the victim, Daniel Shaver, argued Brailsford acted maliciously, and they brought into question the gun he used to shoot Shaver.

The gun was an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle that was approved for service by the Mesa Police Department. However, there was one detail about the gun that doesn’t meet department policy.

Laney Sweet, Daniel Shaver’s wife, said: “Inscribed on the officer’s gun, and I hate to use profanity, but it said, “you’re f*****.”

Multiple sources have confirmed the vulgar saying is on the inside of the rifle’s dust cover and is only visible when open, which happens automatically in order to eject spent rounds when the weapon is fired.

Mesa police have stated they are launching an internal investigation into the gun’s inscription. Police Chief John Meza also stated he has recommended the department fire Officer Brailsford and have already begun the termination process.

Image courtesy Leo Armory

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74 thoughts on “Vulgar Dust Covers Maybe Aren’t a Good Idea, Police Officer Finds Out the Hard Way

    1. Shooting an unarmed man who he forced to crawl on his hands and knees down a motel hallway is what got him charged with murder. The words on the dust cover are what lead people to think he wasn’t fit for the job.

      1. … but instead of making it about, you know, the actual terrible facts about the case we instead have a really shitty op-ed about words that are offensive to soccer moms on a gun that makes liberals pee themselves.

    2. Definitely should do a little research before you post such a tone deaf comment.

      Shooting a civilian laying face down in a hall in his underwear is what makes him a murderer.

      His dust cover is what makes him the dumbest person to wear a badge.

      He was NEVER one of America’s best

  1. I have always wanted a dust cover with words on it but my AR is snow white as is my current distance cover. A white cover with black lettering would be nice too but not if it’s going to give people a negative point of view. My guns are for protecting my home and for paper targets in the desert. As an Arizona resident I’m not terribly surprised by the actions of this officer. Many on the force here are rude and just looking for a reason.

  2. Well, in a way, the guy who pulled the trigger is f****ed!
    The very unfortunate thing is that he took an unarmed, compliant person’s life to fulfill his dust covers prophesy. Now I am sure he feels as though he is the victim!!
    What idiot thought up the idea of putting words on dust covers? What a bunch of macho crap!! I bet most of the morons who order these stupid dust covers, can’t install the silly things. “Hey baby, I just got my tough guy dust cover, gotta find someone to put it on, then when it flips up, everyone will know how awesome I am!!”

      1. Oh man, here I am again. Love one another, as I have loved you, then ye shall know you are my disciples, if you have love one to another….

      1. Actually, dumbass, it flips up due to the spring load, you must force it down to protect the chamber from debris. Dumbass.
        Learn how things work before you post a reply at a big boys place.

      2. U R an idiot. You obviously have never held a weapon. Typical liberal dumb ass talking out of his ass.

      3. Priceless. Look it up, it flips up, put down your video game pretend gun and go to a big man place, ask to see an AR-15, be careful, and follow the man’s instructions. You will discover that I am not a liberal nut job, but rather, a big man who knows these guns.

      4. No “may” about it. You were WRONG! No two ways about it. The best part is that you were so obnoxious about it but you really didn’t have a clue what you were talking about. You have lost all credibility. How can anyone ever trust you to be right again after your diatribe.

      5. Yeah, there you go. Make a ghetto joke dumb ass. Try to shift the attention away from you. Your just a low life POS loser who doesn’t have a clue.

      6. I sincerely beg you to forgive me, I made a mistake and only want your infinite forgiveness. Is there a place that we might meet?

      7. Gawd, you really are a sad strange little man!
        You have been fun though. There is no heaven, there is no hell.
        Being alive and you is hell.

      8. Just like a stupid liberal. Back the losers who are wrong but so vehemently defend their position.

      9. There are YouTube videos for true idiots, such as yourself, to better educate, so you don’t come off like a dumbass.

      10. Better than being a dumb ass Gerry. Now run along. While you’re at it, learn how to spell “Jerry”. You might get more respect. No, probably not.

      11. Up, down, whatever, the point is that it’s lame, and it’s so sweet to see someone pay the price now.
        As a civilian, maybe, but law enforcement should not have writing on the the “flip down” dust cover. Love gun nuts.

      12. Hehehe. Nope, gave up powder burners 25 years ago, made a simple mistake, apologized, then was assaulted even more. MCM,
        So many fun things to do with these letters…
        Your tirades have been exceedingly enjoyable, your personal assaults hilarious.
        May you live an uninteresting life.

      13. Interesting that you went back and deleted your comments. But that doesn’t erase what you said. Here is a quote from your deleted comment “You will discover that I am not a liberal nut job, but rather, a big man who knows these guns.”

        But now you claim you gave up “powder burners” 25 years ago.

        Now you’ve been exposed as a liar. Just shut up, give it up, and stop being a loudmouth bigot.

      14. You know, that bag that people wrap around their hand, to pick up poo that their dog did at the park?
        That is you, dookie bag of poo. I have enjoyed you , thank you.
        And the cover still flips up…..

      15. Where did you go?
        I want you to know that, even though you deleted all your messages, I still love you.

      16. You are a true POS. The personal assaults were spewing from your mouth but you went back and deleted your hate spewing assaults on me so you will seem like you’re just a poor guy who made a simple mistake.

        Typical libitard who doesn’t take responsibility for their actions. You are a true low life.

  3. Political Correctness. The Army also eliminated the John 3:16 for riflescope during the war in Iraq and Afstan. The ragheads didn’t like it.

      1. Only those in the military that use these guns have it. They hated the verse being removed.

      2. Good to know. Gross violation of church and state. As a non-Christian veteran, I would have refused to handle such a rifle.

      3. Actually nearly everyone gets church and state stuff wrong. There is no separation the way people believe. It is separation of government in church affairs or make no decisions about churches or religion. It was Thomas Jefferson that used that separation of church and state in a letter and people ran with it. One thing I do not understand is if someone is an atheist why should a verse that can’t be seen be offensive. It would be like an advertisement for a product you didn’t believe in but didn’t think about or care what was on a gun.

      4. We just had a bit to-do about this elsewhere. Turns out it was a supreme court ruling that established the separation of church and state. That’s why you can’t find it in the Constitution.

      5. OK. Lets make it a Koran verse then and see how many Christians are offended that their tax dollars paid for that. I’m an Atheist. Naturally that means I don’t want my tax dollars paying for religion. Besides have you SEEN some of those mega-churches? It ain’t like they don’t have resources. πŸ˜‰

      6. The verse wasn’t put on by the government or tax money. The manufacturer of the gun put the book and chapter ingraved somewhere on it. I don’t believe in religion I believe in God. It doesn’t bother me when I enter a Chinese restaurant and run into a Budda statue. Many large churches are blessed with more because the members give more. Yes, some churches love the money, but there are bad in every bunch. I think the only thing I would find offensive is Isamic junk. This ideology is a very dangerous and deadly terrorist organization. I do think if individuals wanted the verse on their rifle they should have it and those that didn’t want it shouldn’t be made to have it.

      7. Oh… it would have been seen every time the weapon is fired as if it were some kind of prayer. Like the prayer wheels you see in Asia. Remember that soldiers have to take these apart and clean them daily so they will know it’s there and will be reminded every single time.

      8. Would you issue a canteen with a picture of Jesus on it to a Jewish soldier?

      9. Yeah! Good point. I’m not defending myself with that rifle! I’d rather go into battle unarmed! ….Dumbass

      10. Please. Not at all. There are plenty of options besides. I mean it’s just a dust cover. The armorer has a whole stack of em probably. In my case, I wasn’t a rifleman anyway. I was the SAW/M60 gunner.

      11. Yeah… I can picture our Battalion arms room NCO double *ticked* and cursing under his breath because he had to put them on in the first place while being absolutely certain he would have to take them all off again. πŸ˜‰ That’s the Army for ya though.

  4. I just don’t understand what part of “professional law enforcement” this guy didn’t understand? …and in the end all of us carry guys are “professionals”. That means training regularly and it means being ready to face legal and public scrutiny. This is why I just pulled off or redacted all the LAPG labels on my tactical pants. Without them, they are just anonymous rip-stop khakis and that is the way it should be.

  5. I don’t think it’s wrong to have words on your dust cover but many are so ignorant about what have on their rifles. Take the phrase “Molon Labe” from the Spartan king Leonidas. People LOVE to spout that but most conservative American “macho men” wouldn’t go near it if they knew more about the Spartans.

    For one thing they were bisexual virtually to a man with their earliest experiences being strictly with men. They had laws to strongly encourage men to have sex with women because frankly they really needed that encouragement. πŸ˜‰ Speaking of laws, guess who was doing all the governing? Well if the men are all soldiers… Yep. The women were in charge of the government. Athens was sometimes their enemy and sometimes their ally depending on which way the political winds blew at the time. There’s plenty of documentation from that period that show that the Spartans took a very dim view of the Athenian governmental system. That would be Democracy.

    So lets recap. The Spartans, despite being undeniably bad-ass on the battlefield, were also henpecked, non-heterosexuals who hated freedom.

    Still want “Molon Labe” on your rifle? How about a nice American flag instead? πŸ˜‰

    1. THINK about that for a second. The great and mighty king Leonidas needed his wife’s permission to go to war. πŸ˜‰

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