A daycare in Troy, Illinois, has suspended a 4-year-old preschooler for 7 school days for bringing an empty shell casing from a fired .22 LR cartridge.

Kristy Jackson, mom of 4-year-old Hunter, described what happened when she picked up her son from school in a Facebook post that has since gone viral.


So, as you just found out, it turns out the shell casing came from a target practice session with Hunter’s police officer grandpa. It appears Hunter simply picked it up off the ground and brought it to show off to his friends. No danger, no “shotgun bullet,” but Hunter is still forced to miss 7 days of school because of the incident.

Fox News reports that the school’s vice president emailed Kristy to let her know he was notifying the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, (DCFS) citing that since A Place 2 Grow was licensed by DCFS, DCFS needed to be notified.

So the question is, if this was your child, would they be returning to that school after the 7 day suspension is up?

Sure, it might seem like a knee-jerk reaction to pull your child out of the school, but this could have been a big teaching/learning moment for everyone involved. The school really dropped the ball here, and that shouldn’t go overlooked.

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10 thoughts on “4-Year-Old Suspended From Preschool for Bringing a .22 Shell Casing to Class

  1. it is know wonder that so many of the population feel that guns are bad. they have been brain washed by our public school system. i believe it is time to stop this brainwashing. it is destroying our way of life. how come so many of our educators are so stupid? how can we put in ones that can think for themselves? they are obviously trying to make sure that parents cannot give their children honest good firearms skills and education. what a sad state our country is in. i only hope we can change it or we will lose the right to own a gun. we will be treated like a 4 year old. how sad, how terrible sad. now we have to teach our children to hide what they do. this is not a good thing it creates criminal behavior. how sad!!

  2. Sorry to say,that there are way to many people in certain positions who are permanently illiterate.Problem is,some are teaching their BS to the children in our schools.
    Many teachers are doing the same thing as the medias,they are exploiting their personal agendas to the students,as the medias do to the public.

  3. because a spent shell casing is a dangerous thing? Right. It is a choking hazard. I get it now. good thing I don’t advocate preschoolers having anything smaller than their mouth or nostrils.

  4. Although it isn’t stated as such, this appears to be another instance of a “zero tolerance” policy. In the past, there have been cases of kids being suspended from their schools for merely drawing a gun. What you need to understand is that a “zero tolerance” policy requires ‘zero thought’ on the part of the school’s administrator. It is easy. They don’t have to understand anything. They just react when they see or hear anything about firearms, and I do mean anything at all. “Zero tolerance” policies all the mentally impaired school employee fell like they are contributing to the greater good, without having to actually do something hard – like thinking.

  5. Personally, if that was my son. He would never go back to that pre school ever. I wouldn’t want those type of people teaching my children with their type of thinking. As far as that school getting with DHSS, I would contact an attorney and see if they violated my son’s rights or my families. Sounds a bit like bullies to me!

  6. The daycare is is exploiting the child and the situation to further their anti gun agenda and ideology This is a form of child abuse.

  7. This is the level of ignorance and incompetence that rules the education system in America today. (and please, I am NOT trying to say that all public school teachers are this bad or this stupid, only that this is the prominent kind of leadership over our school systems). Hard to imagine the outright stupidity of someone who doesn’t know the difference between a spent 22LR cartridge case and a “shotgun bullet” … Really?! A “shotgun bullet”?! Lady, get your son out of that school as fast as you can! You don’t want somebody that stupid teaching your son anything!

  8. They are trying to slide “preschool” into the school system. Preschool owners would love that…. Free money! Work less! They should not be sanctioned by the school system-they aren’t a part of it-they are private. There is no standard for curriculum. Nothing talked about or agreed upon…. One step closer to losing kids to the deep state by the way they can “report possible abuse” then remove them until proven or not….. Take charge of your families….. It’s your damn job, not theirs!

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