Watch Judge Neil Gorsuch teach Senator Feinstein about the Second Amendment.

With all the questions and regulations up in the air over our Second Amendment rights, we couldn’t pass this one up. In the short clip, Sen. Feinstein attempts to apply a little heat to Judge Gorsuch, but he has the perfect response and it backfires badly for Sen. Feinstein.

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Image is a screenshot from the Twitter video

  • John Galtius

    Why is she still in office? WE need to REMOVE all of these people.

    • VaDeerHunter

      Term limits!!!

      • Ock

        Yes indeed!


    Vote her out if this last election has taught us anything it is all these left wing cool aid drinking nut jobs have to go. The sooner the better for our country

    • Paco

      Her constituents are “left wing cool aid drinking nut jobs.”

      • Carlee Maynard

        Her constituents are idiots and enemies of the state.

      • Paco

        I stand corrected.

  • wingnut

    Still dumb as a rock. Jesus why do they exist?

    • VaDeerHunter

      Other rocks vote for them just like illegals!

    • Ock

      I ain’t Jesus, but my guess is it’s the dual nature of human beings. You know the verse about not being able to serve two masters…. Progressive socialism is a mechanism of evil, to say it plainly.

  • Folks need to start using their AR’s for home defense. As Gorsuch says… “COMMON USE” though Heller makes no reference of the use being limited to home defense.

  • oldfartAmerican

    , the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall Not be infringed!

  • jim

    what I stupid DOUCHE BAG………

  • artsbrew

    the problem is 4 of the eight justices want to make the laws the way they see fit. they voted against the second amendment. they do not care whether it is right or wrong. they have a political agenda and they want to ram it down our throats. we live in crazy and dangerous times. there are judges all through out the justice system that will and have decide what is right for us or not, they do not care about the constitution. all of those judges which obummer and rapist bill put in office. they are not suppose to be political but they are and are a danger to us our government and our way of life. those 4 judges are going to be there for the rest of their lives. there should be a way to remove those type of people but there isn’t.

    • Rocket Doc

      There is… IMPEACHMENT, plus Citizen Armed Uprising… remove them by FORCE, with a militia squad, commanded by PATRIOTS!!!

  • Carlee Maynard

    Someone should school Feinstein on just how many M-16s are in civilian hands, what one has to go through to purchase one, registration requirements and what the cost of one is.

    • Rocket Doc

      I built my own, and she can kiss my ass!!!

  • redcars

    Notice how miserable these democrat women look. They have a permanent scowl. Pelosi is even worse. I think everyone of these idiots need to take a course on firearms to at least have a small idea as to what they pontificate about.

    • Mark

      Feinstein carries concealed already.

  • Howard Caudle

    For a good look at stupid just watch the socialists Damocrats and you should be enlightened!

  • Lynn Gould

    stupid and she carries she probably has one in her purse

    • charles

      as a matter of she is a conceal carry holder.She refused to acknowledge that durring a hearing several years ago.She also admitted during and interview that these gun laws are a pathway to a total band of private ownership,just chipping away at what we feel is a danger to those who have something to offer.Who is we,and who has what to offer who?

  • buffalobob826

    Wasn’t she involved with Ruby ridge?

  • tee


  • tee

    oops. MO’ RON!

  • Bobd06

    Liberals think they can rewrite the law as they see fit with out due process.
    Thank God crooked Hillary didn’t win!

  • WRBuchanan

    The question that needs to be asked of all Gun Control Liberals is,,,

    “What do you want to do, that can’t be done with an Armed Society?”

    No Intelligent Liberal Response to that one.

    And if they really have the Gaul to say they are trying to make us safer, then the question becomes,,,

    “OK,,, So when will my Personal Security Patrol arrive to protect my home and Family like yours does?”

    You have to make them responsible for your safety, and force them to actually do it.

    It has already been adjudicated that the Police do not have to put themselves in Harms Way to protect or defend you, so if that is true,,,

    How can they protect you from harm?

    We all know they can’t, and we also all know the answer to the first question.

    They want to create a Police State so that they can control every aspect of your lives because they genuinely think that you are incapable of taking care of yourself.

    The Basic Problem with the Liberal Mind and it’s thought processes, is that it has been Fundamentally Corrupted with False Ideas from a very early age in our schools and as a result the ability to make the simplest of decisions correctly is virtually non existent .

    However the “desire” to make decisions “for other people” is definitely active.

    The problem with that is,,, they never seem to get it right.

    And the problem with that,,, is they never take responsibility for their actions!

    See Item #6 below,,, they have been running our schools for decades! Just another piece of the puzzle which is called Socialism.


    • Ock

      Right on man!! People wake up and take hold of your kids’ lives. Counter teach your kids or the virus will win. We need vouchers so we can take back the schools. Even if they tone it down a bit, the system is still running. The department of education was the beginning of it.