Sometimes Mother Nature works her magic and provides adventure seekers with unique opportunities.

Case in point: Duluth, Minnesota, is on the shore of Lake Superior in the northeast part of the state, and the big body of water impacts the local weather 365/24/7. Oftentimes this means large amounts of snow. Of course, spring eventually comes – even to Duluth – and with the warm temps, the snow melts. But sometimes you get a weird spring, and a massive thaw (2 or 3 days in the 50s or even low 60s) is followed by days of sub-freezing conditions. When this occurs, you get ice.

The weather folks and traffic reporters on TV even have a name for it: re-freeze. On a paved road, it can make for dangerous driving conditions. Picture a bunch of snow melting quickly on a paved road, leaving behind large puddles, which then freeze solid during a cold night. The result is an ice rink in the middle of the road. Not good for morning commuters.

However, as the video below shows, creative thrill seekers can find a way to make re-freeze into an incredible adventure. But this re-freeze isn’t on a paved road, it’s on mountain bike and cross-country ski trails in the surrounding forests and hills around Duluth. Obviously, all this ice made it impossible for bikers and skiers to use the woodland trails, but then someone had the great idea: “Why not ice skates?”

As you can see, these guys were smart enough to wear helmets, and because MN is “The State of Hockey,” it’s no surprise that they have serious skills. Watch and enjoy!

P.S. Red Bull has a competition similar to what you just saw above; it’s called Crashed Ice. Check out a recent competition on a manmade course in St. Paul, MN, below.

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

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One thought on “Video: Dangerous High-Speed Ice Skating on Ski Trails

  1. As a kid in the late 60’s early 70’s I loved skiing down the hills around the area lake in Wisconsin where one day I watched a bunch of snow mobiles flying up this same hill but deeper into the woods. I went to check this trail out and found the trail to be solid ice as wide as the track of the machines that made it, all the heat from the machines kept this trail smooth (less a little ripple) as far as you could see. You don’t need to wait for a spring thaw to experiance this thrill because if you do, your missing out of a lot of exhilarating fun for a whole winter and early spring seasons. Helpful tips, Hockey skates work best because of the blade length and they don’t have the toe spike that the figure skates do BUT I know the figure skates do work because I used them, just don’t sink your toes in on the way down! Also a helmet is beneficial I used my football helmet having a face shield came in handy when encountering trees or the ice on the trail, lol ! And a ballancing stick held by both hands, ski goggles. Speeds so great your eyes will tear up and blur your next turn then you get made fun of. Control your speed by pressing lightly on your heels, if you’re still going too fast for your comfort REMEMBER keep your skates out in front while you lower your butt down onto the trail. And lastly but most importantly have enough spotters to help keep this fun and safe as possable you don’t want a snowmobile to be making a run up or down this trail your on.

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